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In his latest interview with Democrat sycophant George Stephanopoulos, a delusional Joe Biden appears in denial when he ignores the polls, the leadership of his party, and the media who are calling for him to step aside. "I'll drop out if God tells me to!" Biden tells Stephanopoulos as he dismisses concerns about his mental fitness to serve another term. 

Biden is a racist...

From his earliest days in Congress, Joe Biden was a racist, openly hanging with fellow travelers and voting against civil rights legislation, including Robert Byrd, an organizer and member of the KKK, whom he effusively eulogized. 

See for yourself how Biden snubs a young black girl and the look on her face as she is ignored.

Bottom line…

As much as you dislike Trump, he has done more for America and Americans than Barack Obama and Joe Biden who have measurably damaged the country with their radical progressive communist democrat policies.

While the Republicans may not have all the answers to quickly turn the nation around, at least they did not cause the multitude of problems we currently face.

We are so screwed.


-- Steve

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