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Following up on Biden’s widely slammed debate performance, George Stephanopoulos, ABC’s pint-sized Democrat political operative and sycophant, is going for a miracle: to manufacture a Joe Biden that appears coherent and normal for a limited time. Of course, anything is possible through the modern alchemy of drugs. 


I find it unbelievable that the progressive communist media is preparing to laud President Biden if he can stay awake long enough to answer a few pre-programmed softball questions and I ask myself, can you believe anything this lying liar says?

Will he deal with America’s four most impactful issues for America?

Inflation: Caused by the deliberate destruction of America’s energy sector and driven by profligate spending on social programs and foreign giveaways, the cost of living is rocketing higher. Investments, especially retirement funds, are being eroded by government-driven inflation—possibly planned so that borrowing can be repaid by “cheaper” money. Technically, we are experiencing stagflation, a stagnant economy with rising prices.

Jobs: The Bureau of Labor Statistics revised their jobs report downward, losing 111,000 jobs from the April and May combined totals. The May jobs numbers were revised downward from 272,000 to 218,000 and the April jobs numbers were revised downward from 165,000 to 108,000. To no surprises, the government’s payroll comprises a substantial portion of the alleged new jobs being touted in the progressive media. Black and Asian unemployment continued upward. Most of the jobs created went to foreign-born, not native Americans, and real wages are lower today than they were when Presiden Biden assumed office.

Illegal immigration impacting healthcare, jobs, housing, education, and our social safety nets: Despite the Biden Administration assuring us that the borders are secure and under control, illegal aliens continue to pour through the porous borders like an invasion force. Even worse, we are finding that the Biden Administration is flying illegal aliens directly into the United States from foreign locations.

Crime and community safety: Our communities are becoming dangerous as progressive legislators negate relax criminal statutes in favor of criminals, many illegal aliens and minority gang members. Likewise, progressive prosecutors are refusing to prosecute criminals or plea-bargaining away the most serious charges, and activist judges are releasing criminals into our communities under the guide of progressive “restorative justice” which favors criminals over victims.

NO! It’s all about me, me, me… Yada. Yada. Yada.

Biden attempts to excuse his bad debate performance as a bad night, a singular episode. I was sick, I was tired.


Bottom line…

It appears that Biden’s medical team moderated his meds, and Biden appeared passable but totally delusional and in denial.

Biden’s one truth: It’s about the character of the next president! And, Biden is a man who is corrupt, amoral, and lacking in character. Funny, Biden calls Trump a pathological liar – exactly the description of Joe Biden from his early days in politics. Everything is pure projection: blaming the opposition for your own actions.

The Marxist political correctness culture encourages us to ignore what is really happening and to follow the regime's current narrative. However, it's important to remember that truth and facts are not partisan—they simply reflect reality.  Another classic case of “don’t believe your lying eyes.”

We are so screwed. By our corrupt partisan government. By our corrupt partisan media. And by ourselves, as voters, accept government propaganda from the media rather than research matters by ourselves.


-- Steve

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