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A conservatorship for the country?

A conservatorship is when a judge appoints another person to act or make decisions for the person who is developmentally handicapped and incapable of making decisions about their own welfare, conservator of the person, or managing their affairs, known as the conservatorship of the estate. But what if the nation’s chief executive is incapable of running the country’s affairs? Is there something akin to a constitutional conservatorship?

Like most conservatorships, which operate under the authority of the courts and whose actions are subject to judicial review, have Congress and the Courts abrogated their duty to act as a check and balance against improper behavior by the conservator? Or did they participate in the deception for political gain?

And what about those who put complex and far-reaching executive orders before the President of the United States and persuaded his signature? What about those who knowingly and maliciously concealed the President’s infirmities for their own gain or the gain of their political party?

Are those executive orders valid?

Now that we have a clear indication of President Biden’s mental unfitness to faithfully execute the duties of the President of the United States and serve as the Commander-in-Chief, along with proof that some White House staff and Presidential advisors may have put partisan politics before the good of the country, can a reason to nullify harmful executive orders be found within the Constitution, Congress, or the courts?

Bottom line…

The list of those who disrespected the United States Constitution or committed illegal acts is growing. It includes the Vice President of the United States and the President’s cabinet-level appointees who failed to invoke the 25th Amendment while they were destroying America’s economy, infrastructure, military readiness, and the safety and security of America and all Americans with their open borders. Jill Biden is guilty of criminal elder abuse.

Who other than Donald J. Trump is capable of closing the borders, restoring military readiness, and reversing those malignant executive orders?

We are so screwed while the progressive communist democrats plot to cling to power.


-- Steve

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