I wonder how many ordinary individuals read the bible of the left, The Pravda-like The New York Times, and noticed the not-too-subtle call-to-arms posed by the article titled, “The Resistance to a New Trump Administration Has Already Started” which carried the subhead, “An emerging coalition that views Donald J. Trump’s agenda as a threat to democracy is laying the groundwork to push back if he wins in November, taking extraordinary preemptive actions?” 


Opponents of Donald J. Trump are drafting potential lawsuits in case he is elected in November and carries out mass deportations, as he has vowed. One group has hired a new auditor to withstand any attempt by a second Trump administration to unleash the Internal Revenue Service against them. Democratic-run state governments are even stockpiling abortion medication.

[OCS: The progressive communist democrats have always turned to the courts to obtain that which they could not get at the ballot boxes, in state legislatures, or in Congress. Using activist judges or pre-arranged settlements to create favorable opinions or new rules and regulations that empower unelected bureaucrats.]

A sprawling network of Democratic officials, progressive activists, watchdog groups, and ex-Republicans have been taking extraordinary steps to prepare for a potential second Trump presidency, drawn together by the fear that Mr. Trump’s return to power would pose a grave threat not just to their agenda but to American democracy itself.

[OCS: This is the very same cabal, the very same loosely coupled conspiracy to thwart a Trump presidency, that existed since Trump announced for office. The truth is that they do not fear democracy but that they will be exposed and held accountable for their past unconstitutional and criminal actions. Only this time, the Trump team knows the players and their funding sources. Some individuals and organizations may also be subject to financially debilitating clawbacks.]

There is always discussion in any election year of what might happen if the other side wins the White House. Such talk has been typically limited to Washington chatter and private speculation, as much of the energy has focused on helping one’s party win the election and develop wish-list policy plans.

But the early timing, volume and scale of the planning underway to push back against a potential second Trump administration are without precedent. The loose-knit coalition is determined not to be caught flat-footed, as many were after his unexpected victory in 2016.

[OCS: Considering the weaponization of Obama’s executive agencies and their overt criminal behavior prior to the 2016 election and through the Trump presidency, it would be hard to conceive of any actions other than those of an increasingly totalitarian government and Soviet-style police state.] 

If Mr. Trump returns to power, he is openly planning to impose radical changes — many with authoritarian overtones. Those plans include using the Justice Department to take revenge on his
, sending federal troops into Democratic cities, carrying out mass deportations, building huge camps to hold immigrant detainees, making it easier to fire civil servants and replace them with loyalists and expanding and centralizing executive power.

[OCS: This is a classic case of progressive communist democrat projection where they accuse the opposition of planning to do what the democrats have already done. There is no doubt that the weaponized Department of Justice has ignored constitutional safeguards and illegally prosecuted or persecuted both Trump and his allies.

One might find it rational that there must be a strong response to remedy the damage done to America by the progressive communist democrats who have welcomed an invasion of illegal aliens, including criminals, crazies, and terrorists with their open borders policy. Deportation will be perfectly legal and by the book.

As for firing civil servants, let us remember it was Obama who pushed activists and fellow travelers deep into the bureaucracy at most government institutions, where they actively thwarted presidential policies when Trump entered office.]

Interviews with more than 30 officials and leaders of organizations about their plans revealed a combination of acute exhaustion and acute anxiety. Activist groups that spent the four years of Mr. Trump’s presidency organizing mass protests and pursuing legal challenges, ultimately helping channel that energy into persuading voters to oust him from power in 2020, are now realizing with great dread they may have to resist him all over again.

[OCS: There is little doubt that the Antifa and Black Lives Matter responses to the ginned-up George Floyd death were not created and led by trained progressive communist democrat activists and agitators. Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin is among the first political prisoners jailed on bogus charges in an activist court.] 

The group leaders say they learned a lot from 2017 to 2021 about how to run an effective resistance campaign. At the same time, their understanding of what Mr. Trump is capable of expanded after the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021. They believe that the orbit around Mr. Trump has grown more sophisticated and that a second Trump White House would be both more radical and more effective , especially on core issues like immigration.

[OCS: Funny, they mention the January 6 “Fedsurrection” and the deliberate criminalization of a political protest, complete with overcharging and unconstitutional “excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishments.” It is they who are mounting an insurrection, as they perpetrate acts intended to overthrow, disrupt, or challenge the authority of the United States or impede the enforcement of federal laws.]

Steven Cheung, a Trump campaign spokesman, denounced these efforts as a way to preempt Mr. Trump from being able to implement a legitimate policy agenda. “It’s not surprising Biden and his cronies are working overtime to stymie the will of the American people after they vote to elect President Trump and his America First agenda,” Mr. Cheung said. “Their devious actions are a direct threat to democracy.”

[OCS: Well said and totally truthful.]

Read the rest of the article in The New York Times, the paper favored by communist dictators, revolutionaries, and those who use the rag as another progressive communist democrat propaganda outlet.

Bottom line…

The official order has been given and progressive communist democrats, their activists, and propagandists will redouble their attacks on Donald Trump.

If we do not create an unassailable majority in the House and Senate and take the Presidency, America, as you know it, will disappear before your eyes and nobody will be held responsible except Donald Trump.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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