America-bubbleThere is little doubt in my mind that the Communist-in-Chief, former President Barack Hussein Obama, was the single individual who initiated the disastrous decline in America with his Marxist revolutionary agenda and the implementation of racial and intersectional division of the American people.

Obama oversaw the weaponization of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies that openly spied on Americans, mounted a covert attack on a presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and orchestrated the clandestine resistance to Trump’s presidential agenda.

He was knowingly complicit in the illegal machinations of Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

He seeded his malignant minions throughout the government bureaucracy, where they continued to damage and destroy America from within.

He provided Iran with a path to nuclear weapons and did nothing to curb its ballistic missile delivery system.

So why would the progressive communist democrats turn to a traitor to help fix the national security debacle of a Biden presidency, which is, in reality, Obama’s third term?


Only One Person Can Convince Biden to Drop Out

Only one person can confront Joe Biden and convince him to drop out of the presidential race. And his advice would be clouded by a perceived self-interest in Biden’s exit.

Barack Obama still draws adoring crowds of Democrats wherever he goes. He’s the most popular living Democrat, and despite rumors of friction between the former president and the current president, Biden respects and admires his former boss. Obama is said to call Biden frequently to discuss politics and policy.

If any Democrat could metaphorically grasp Biden by the shoulders and shake him until he emerges from his fantasy that the race is still winnable, it’s Barack Obama.

But Obama has a big problem. He can’t advocate for Biden to drop out when his wife would be the primary beneficiary.

The appearance of Obama trying to usher Biden out of the race would set off cries of self-interest because by far the most popular Democrat to replace Biden is Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama has said repeatedly she’s not interested in running for president. But what if the nomination were handed to her on a silver platter? The idea that she would say no is ludicrous. <Source>

Since President Biden represents a clear and present national security danger to America, why would they not turn to their old standby, the all-knowing National Security Council expert Alexander Vindman?

DEMOSEAL-workBottom line…

ScrewedHow many people remember that Joe Biden was brought into the Obama campaign to shore up Obama’s foreign policy credentials precisely because he was a non-threatening Vice Presidential choice who would not interfere in Obama’s radical politics as he continued his personal grift?

Unfortunately, the progressive communist democrats decided to run this pathetic sock-puppet so that Obama could rule from behind the throne using his malignant minions as surrogates, choosing another unthreatening intersectional Vice Presidential choice in Kamala Harris.

It appears the progressive communist democrats are now openly discussing a bloodless coup in that they are plotting to replace a voter-selected candidate with nary any voter input--disenfranchising millions of Americans too stupid to realize what the progressive communist democrats are doing to their country. 

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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