Once again, we see a disconnect between progressive communist democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s uniparty, which believes you are too stupid to know what’s good for you, and the California citizens who are fed up with crime and drug use and are demanding more input into the governance process. 

The two essential ballot initiatives at issue are:

  • Taxes: The Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act would require voter approval for taxes and regulatory actions that increase state revenues.
  • Crime: Proposition 47 Reforms would roll back the egregious parts of Proposition 47 that reduced penalties for theft and drug crimes in California, including pervasive retail theft and drug use.

While the progressive communist democrats claim they support the middle class and represent their constituency, they pander to the disaffected minorities that constitute their voter coalition and the billionaire oligarchs who pump millions into their campaigns, with special deference to the malevolent George Soros, who has funded many disruptive pro-criminal initiatives and District Attorneys.

Democrats are attempting to preserve perpetual political power and systemic progressive communist democrat corruption.

Gavin Newsom Claims “Voters Don’t Have Capacity” to Decide on Tax Hikes

This week Governor Gavin Newsom asked the California Supreme Court to block the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative from the November ballot. Newsom argued that “voters simply do not have the capacity” to decide on “complicated” matters like tax hikes.

California Governor Gavin Newsom was confronted in court this week as he seeks to block the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative (CTPI) from appearing on the November 2024 ballot.

In a stunning argument at a hearing this week before the CA Supreme Court, Gavin Newsom’s legal team argued that voters are too stupid to decide on important issues like tax hikes! “The voters simply don’t have the capacity,” claimed Margaret Prinzing, attorney for Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“Governor Gavin Newsom not only created a massive budget deficit, but he has raised taxes so high that he has destroyed jobs and caused millions of middle-class residents to flee the state’s high-cost-of-living,” says Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California. 

For Newsom to argue he and state politicians are somehow smarter than the voters is patently offensive,” DeMaio added.

In October, Newsom and state Democrats filed for an “Emergency Injunction” from the liberal-dominated California Supreme Court to prohibit voters from even voting on the CTPI in the November 2024 election – despite the fact that citizens collected the required 1 million signatures to force the issue onto the ballot. <Source>

The George Soros-backed Proposition 47 initiative cut the state prison count and released hardened criminals into our community.

CA Democrats Plan Mass Release of Criminals from Prison in State Budget

California Democrats propose a massive $1 billion budget cut in state prisons to shut down several prisons and force the mass release of violent criminals. Reform California’s Carl DeMaio opposes this reckless move and warns crime rates will skyrocket.

Do you feel safe walking down the street at night in LA, San Francisco, San Diego or in your own neighborhood? If your answer is no, you're not alone — and it could get a lot worse as state politicians are proposing closing prisons and releasing a massive amount of criminals back onto the streets.

The proposal comes as the most recent attempt by the state government to address a projected budget deficit of over $25 billion. Democrats in the State Legislature rejected Governor Gavin Newsom’s most recent budget and countered with their own proposal, which aims to slash $1 billion from the state prison budget. This could lead to several prison closures and the mass release of thousands of inmates.

Governor Newsom has already announced plans to shut 4 of the state’s 32 prisons, and since taking office, the Newsom Administration has granted early release to over 90,000 criminals in state prisons. Newsom’s early releases of criminals have already resulted in California’s prison population declining from roughly 120,000 when he took office to 93,000 today – a net reduction of 27,000 criminals being released. <Source>


Governor Newsom oozes a toxic charisma, a repellent blend of arrogance and deceit. His smile, a practiced curve of polished teeth, never reached his eyes, which always appear cold and calculating. Like Bobby Blowdry, the no-rating anchor of a fifth-rate television channel in a nothing marketplace, his over-gelled hair is a joke.

Every word he speaks drips with false promises and barely veiled contempt for those he deems beneath him—essentially, everyone.

His campaign is a masterclass in progressive communist democrat manipulation, fueled by dark money and whispered threats.

The air around Newsom seems to darken with his presence, a palpable haze of corruption and ambition. He is another Democrat who thrived on division, sowing seeds of distrust with every handshake and hollow vow, leaving a trail of moral decay in his wake.

From the leftist Politico…

Sununu slams Dem governors: Newsom’s ‘just a prick’
“And I’ve got to be honest, no one cares for Gavin,” Sununu said.

During a fireside chat at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, Sununu was asked by moderator Fred Ryan who were the governors “no one really cared for.” And Sununu did not mince his words.

“I’ve got to be honest, no one cares for Gavin,” Sununu said. “Gavin’s just a prick — excuse me — he just is.”

“He just is. It’s really disappointing,” Sununu said of Newsom. “All of us got along for a while, but even the Democrats — they won’t tell you out loud — but behind closed doors they’re like ‘oh God, look who’s coming.’''

Bottom line…

Gavin Newsom is your jumped-up progressive communist democrat who believes he deserves the Presidency should Joe Biden be eliminated from the ticket before the 2024 presidential election. The schmuck is loathed in California and by many of his fellow politicians.

While Gavin Newsom might be marginally more viable than the brain-dead President Joe Biden and his loathsome Vice President Kamala Harris, it would be almost an act of treason to inflict his progressive communist democrat agenda on a failing America.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve


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