There is every indication that ‘common-sense conservatism’ may be on a collision course with MAGA-style populism. The wrong Vice President could seek to thwart a rapid turnaround of a government infested with progressive communist Democrats, especially given Trump’s age and lifestyle, which could see the Vice President becoming the President.

What makes this scenario troubling is that South Dakota’s John Thune will likely succeed Mitch McConnell as Speaker of the House, giving enormous influence to Burgum and Thune in Congress. It is also expected that South Dakota’s Governor, Kristi Noem, may receive a powerful cabinet appointment like Secretary of the Interior or Secretary of Energy, given that North Dakota ranks third in the nation, after Texas and New Mexico, in crude oil reserves and production.

What are the chances that Burgum will morph into a Romney when faced with significant social issues?

Burgum is considered generally conservative but has demonstrated that his ideology was tempered with pragmatism on specific issues like education reform and handling the pandemic, whereas Mitt Romney was said to be a moderate RINO – Republican In Name Only) when dealing with social issues like healthcare, climate change, and immigration.

Both Burgum and Romney are well-educated and have achieved substantial success in business. However, as most people know, the government cannot be treated as a business with efficiency and data-driven metrics, given the divisions of power within the government and competing interests.

According to the Washington Post…

  • Economy: Doug Burgum’s position on Social Security and Medicare is unclear. He implemented state tax changes as governor, as well as supported infrastructure investments in North Dakota. He opposes investment funds that prioritize social and environmental responsibility.

  • Immigration:  Doug Burgum’s positions on immigration are unclear, including his position on deporting undocumented immigrants, providing a path to citizenship, family separations at the border and granting asylum. He has supported policies that allow state and local governments to turn away refugees from resettling in their jurisdictions.

  • Foreign policy:  Doug Burgum has said China is the greatest threat to the U.S. He supports continued support for Ukraine. His position on defending Taiwan is unclear.

  • Crimes and guns:  Doug Burgum supports the First Step Act. He opposes federal legalization of marijuana. He is open to restricting access to guns for people who might harm themselves or others, but opposes requiring background checks. His position on barring people from carrying guns in schools is unclear. He opposes allowing gun manufacturers to be sued in court. It’s unclear whether he owns guns.

  • Climate:  Doug Burgum’s position is unclear on whether climate change is caused by human activity or whether it is making extreme weather events worse. He favors market-based solutions over regulation. He supports clean-energy tax credits and subsidies, though not for electric vehicles.

  • Education:  Doug Burgum opposes student loan debt forgiveness. He opposes teaching students about systemic racism. His position on teaching sexuality and gender in schools is unclear. He opposes allowing transgender students to use bathrooms or play sports on teams that correspond with their identified gender. He opposes access to gender-affirming care for minors.

  • Elections: Doug Burgum recognizes Joe Biden as the legitimate winner of the 2020 election. It does not appear that he has publicly committed to accepting the certified results of the 2024 election. It’s unclear whether he would consider pardoning people convicted in connection with the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

  • Abortion:  Doug Burgum opposes a federal law on abortion, though as North Dakota’s governor, he signed one of the strictest abortion bans in the country. He supports exceptions that would allow abortions in cases of rape, incest or when a pregnancy is life-threatening. His position on mifepristone, one of the pills used in medication abortion, is unclear.


Bottom line…

There is no guarantee that Burgum will be chosen as Trump’s running mate; he is likely to be offered a high-profile cabinet position. Given Trump’s historically poor choices in vetting and selecting government appointees, now is the time for constitutional conservatives to vet potential officeholders.

Without strong and significant support, Trump can be overcome, once again, by bureaucratic resistance and the progressive communist democrat’s lawfare.

No matter what is going on with Biden and the progressive communist democrats, we must achieve an unassailable majority in Congress as well as take the Presidency. Don’t talk—vote—and make sure your like-minded relatives, friends, and co-workers vote as soon as they receive their ballots. If possible, register and train to be a poll watcher.

We are so screwed unless we vote for America.



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