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Chinese Embassy lobbies Hill against DNI report on leaders’ corruption

A Chinese Embassy official recently wrote to Congress to lobby against legislation requiring Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines to produce a report on corruption and hidden wealth held by Chinese leaders through their relatives, including President Xi Jinping.

Wang Xijun, a counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, wrote to the office of Rep. Andy Ogles, Tennessee Republican, criticizing legislation mandating the DNI report. The DNI report on Chinese corruption was due to Congress in December under a defense bill signed into law in late 2022. A DNI spokesman has said intelligence analysts are working on the legally required report.

[OCS: Of course, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was so compromised under Obama appointee James Clapper, the 4th Director of National Intelligence, that you can no longer believe any intelligence from the highly politicized agency.

Likewise, the 7th Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, a Biden appointee with significant connections with  Obama, James Brennan, Susan Rice, Antony Blinken, and others in the progressive communist democrat orbit, cannot be trusted.  

Mr. Ogles recently introduced additional legislation that would give the DNI six more months to produce the report and also require officials to testify on the issue.

Companion legislation was introduced in the Senate by Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida Republican, and could pass in some form in the coming days, a congressional aide said.

“This will serve as another campaign to slander and defame the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese leadership,” Mr. Wang wrote on June 18, adding the pending report “seriously challenges China’s political red line and constitutes a blatant political provocation.”

Mr. Wang said the Chinese Communist Party “serves the people” and produced “two miracles” — rapid economic growth and social stability.

[OCS: Perhaps someone should point out the “miracle” of the Communist Chinese Virus, which decimated the world, prevented an economic collapse, and lined Chinese official’s pockets.]

The Chinese diplomat said U.S. efforts to undermine the legitimacy of the party would produce “a mistaken policy” and sour U.S.-China relations.

[OCS: Sour U.S.-China relations? You mean more than their spying, intellectual property theft, and aggression toward Taiwan, the home of global semiconductor manufacturing and those surrounding the South China Sea, and killing thousands of Americans by shipping uncontrolled Fentanyl precursor chemicals to cartels?]

“We hereby urge Congressman Ogles to stop pushing forward this act,” he said.

The Congressional Research Service, in a report previewing the forthcoming DNI report, stated earlier this month that senior Chinese leaders, including Mr. Xi, are engaged in corruption and hiding hundreds of millions of dollars in wealth by using relatives to disguise their illicit activities.

[OCS: Already, I detect the whiff of bullshit as the understated amounts are most likely in the billions, especially when you consider investments in U.S. property, companies, and other global assets.]

The CRS report stated that Mr. Xi by 2012 had amassed at least $376 million in company investments, an indirect 18% stake in a rare-earth mineral company worth more than $311 million, and $20.2 million holdings in a technology company. The investments were made through relatives, a common practice used in hiding forbidden wealth and corruption by Chinese communist officials in China.

The DNI report is expected to undermine Mr. Xi’s large-scale anti-corruption campaign that included investigations into millions of ruling party members.

Since 2012, 266 members of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee were ousted, allegedly for corruption. Among them were Defense Minister Li Shangfu, also a former member of the Central Military Commission, and Foreign Minister Qin Gang, the CRS report said.

[OCS: Corruption in communist countries is a way of life and baked into the system. Corruption charges are a convenient pretext to liquidate your political opponents and usurpers.]


Bottom line…

No Joke! To believe that the Chinese Communist leaders are the major source of corruption is to overlook the illicit gains of the progressive communist democrats and their special interests.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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