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After a compelling presentation of facts that the Department of Justice and the FBI were involved in disseminating disinformation and suppressing the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop containing incriminating evidence on the potential criminal activities of Joe Biden, the question on everyone’s lips is why won’t they release the tape of President Biden’s interview with the Office of Special Counsel?

Post-election interviews with voters indicated that many would have switched their votes had they known about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Moreover, the number of voters was sufficient to alter the outcome of the 2020 election by a wide, uncontestable margin.

Primarily, the government freely provided, without any assertion of presidential privilege, what was purported to be a true and correct transcription of the interview. Of course, nothing in the Obama/Biden Administration is ever what it seems, as we are now learning that the transcript was altered to give a false impression of Biden’s responses to questions under oath.

Were the alterations superficial and meaningless? That is the job of the Congressional Oversight Committee, as this testimony was the basis for preventing Joe Biden from being prosecuted for stealing classified documents, storing them improperly, and sharing them with individuals who lacked the appropriate clearance to view the materials.

Yet Attorney General Merrick Garland’s DOJ will not prosecute Garland for ignoring a legitimate Congressional subpoena.

A two-tiered legal system at the Department of Justice.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Joe Biden mishandled classified documents and escaped legal accountability. However, we have seen the DOJ throw the book at Donald Trump, including a dawn SWAT raid at the President’s residence—even though the documents were handled by third parties before being sent to his residence. We have also seen documentary evidence and sworn testimony that the government mishandled the documents and fabricated “evidence” for a photo-op that was leaked to the media.

We have also seen Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon prosecuted by the DOJ for claiming presidential privilege to defy a bogus subpoena from an illegitimate committee--the very thing Attorney General Garland appears to be doing concerning the interview tapes.

Bottom line…

We are living in a police state, a banana republic where the regime in power can prosecute and persecute the opposition and its supporters with impunity.

What they are hiding is likely a smoking gun… proof that President Joe Biden is unfit for office and needs to be removed under the 25th Amendment. This is unlikely because the Cabinet Members and Obama acolytes want to hold on to power until the very last minute to maneuver another nominee into power following the convention.

When they are ready to dump Biden, they will release the tape. Rahm Emanuel is correct; the Democrats will not waste this opportunity.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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