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I present Adam Schiff, now running to become California’s junior Senator, who is a perfect example of progressive communist democrat “opposite-think.”

Stephen, I promise to abide by my oath of office.

I promise to defend our democracy, our Constitution, and our rule of law with everything I have.

[OCS: Schiff damaged our democracy, destroyed our Constitution, and ignored the rule of law as the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee and one of the principal Russia, Russia, Russia hoax cabal. He hid everything in secrecy, suborned perjury, manipulated or created false evidence, perjured himself – and has yet to reveal his “conclusive proof” of a Trump-Russia connection.]

I promise to do right by hard-working families in California.

[OCS: Schiff has done virtually nothing for the people of his district while in office while opposing Trump’s initiatives and supporting destructive progressive communist democrat policies. He lives in Maryland and only visits California when absolutely necessary.]

I promise to do all I can to secure the right to vote and get big money out of our politics.

[OCS: Schiff is a prolific fundraiser and multiple thousands of small dollar email pitches.]

I promise to fight for a better future for our children and grandchildren.

[OCS: Schiff supports progressive communist democrat policies that castrate little boys and disfigures little girls. He cares nothing about children or child abuse. Schiff supports current border policies that enable sex crimes and trafficking of children.]

And Stephen, I promise to hold Donald Trump to account — whether he’s in a prison cell, on the golf course at Mar-a-Lago, or God forbid, in a position of power again.

[OCS: Schiff better pray that a Trump Administration doesn’t prosecute him for a criminal conspiracy to interfere with a presidential election or other crimes committed while in office.]

Thank you for your unwavering support.

— Adam

Bottom line…


We are so screwed if Adam Schiff becomes California’s Senator.

-- Steve


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