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Over the years, Disney,  a staple in American culture, an icon of the entertainment industry, and a visual representation of America abroad, was known for its magical storytelling, memorable characters, and family-friendly content. Disneyland was indeed the “Magic Kingdom.”

Unfortunately, in recent times, it has emerged that LGBTQ+ individuals have unduly influenced Disney-- and Disney's so-called “diverse and inclusive content” is destroying the Disney brand, replacing kid-friendly entertainment with perverse indoctrination.

Now, the wokesters at Disney have released The Acolyte, the gayest, wokest continuance of the Star Wars experience, which some critics are calling the most progressive and controversial addition to the Star Wars franchise. It's being compared to the most unpopular Star Wars character, Jar Jar Binks, in terms of fan reception, with some saying it could be the most disliked Star Wars-adjacent project ever.

The Acolyte’s writer-director Leslye Headland is not only a Lesbian, she served as the personal assistant of Harvey Weinstein. So it should surprise nobody that…

  • The Force is given a female persona.
  • Lesbians give birth to twins.
  • The Jedi become a combination of Child Protective Services and galactic cops.

During an interview with The Wrap ahead of the Tuesday premiere of "The Acolyte," creator and showrunner Leslye Headland was asked about rumors the show was pro-LGBTQ+. "This is, I would say, arguably the gayest Star Wars by a considerable margin," reporter Drew Taylor asked Headland, who burst into laughter.

It’s so apparent that the famous satire site, The Babylon Bee, took note.

10 New’ Star Wars’ Characters Coming To Disney+

It’s time once again for the debut of a new Star Wars series on Disney+, which means it’s also time for Star Wars fans to be horrified and despondent over what Disney has done to their beloved space opera franchise. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your own point of view), Disney has a lot more Star Wars in the hopper.

The Babylon Bee has obtained the following list of new Star Wars characters coming soon to Disney+:

  1. The Transdalorian: He was once a proud Mandalorian but now lives as a female warrior fighting to bring all cis-villains to justice.
  2. Boba Fetish: This bounty hunter’s armor is outfitted with every outlandish toy and adult accessory you can imagine.
  3. C-3PLGBTQ: A droid that is fluent in over six million genders.
  4. Hannah Solo: Following in the proud Disney tradition, the boring, overly masculine Han Solo character will now be replaced by a strong female who is better than everyone else.
  5. Jar Jar Kinks: A character designed to appeal to children of all ages, this Gungan will introduce your kids to the “grown-up” side of the Star Wars universe.
  6. Drag Queen Amidala: Once a bearded smuggler named Bork Thandar, he now spends his time wearing fabulous dresses and reading stories to the galaxy’s children.
  7. Lando Palestinian: A refugee from an oppressed planet, this character will receive the sympathy of every other character… or else.
  8. Admiral Allahu Akbar: Everyone will know “it’s a trap” when they fall victim to this character’s suicide bomber vest.
  9. Homo the Hutt: He’s here, he’s queer, and you don’t want to be chained up as his slave.
  10. Shebacca: Born a Wookiee but identifying as an Ewok, this character dominates all Endor sporting events.

Just think of the amazing stories featuring the characters listed above that will be enjoyed by a dwindling, apathetic audience!


Bottom line…

Disney explains that its efforts to include diverse characters and stories are meant to strengthen the Disney brand and make it more inclusive and reflective of the world we live in today.

And therein lies the rub: Disney has moved beyond fantasy and entertaining, escapist storytelling into the darker world of normalizing sexual awareness and perversion through its storylines and characters.

Disney's true magic has dissipated into intersectionality. Disney and Lucasfilm have chosen sides, and it is not the side of entertainment.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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