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What would Israel have accomplished if it gave in to the Obama/Biden Administration's ludicrous proposal?

  • Iran would still fund terrorism.
  • Hezbollah would still be attacking from the North.
  • A weakened Hamas would regroup and continue to lob rockets into Israel's civilian population.
  • And Gaza's humanitarian needs would bleed Israel dry while they rebuilt.


White House continues to peddle Israel’s surrender and eventual defeat…

Wh-logo-com June 1, 2024

Remarks by President Biden on the Middle East

Yesterday, President Biden delivered an update on his efforts to secure a hostage deal that would lead to a durable ceasefire. The deal on the table, proposed by Israel, would release all the hostages, lead to an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, get much more humanitarian assistance into Gaza, and ultimately end this crisis. The President has spent months of intensive diplomacy working this with Israel, Egypt and Qatar. His message was clear: Hamas needs to take the deal that Israel has offered and is on the table. And world leaders should be calling on them to do so.

[OCS: Unbelievable! The Biden Administration negotiates with Egypt and Qatar, two nations fundamentally at odds with the State of Israel, and then deceptively brands the effort as a “proposal by Israel” even though it reads like a Hamas wish list.]

As he said, “This is truly a decisive moment. Israel has made their proposal. Hamas says it wants a ceasefire. This deal is an opportunity to prove whether they really mean it.”
Israel can make this offer because they have so devastated Hamas’ forces over the past 8 months. At this point, Hamas can no longer carry out another October 7. Its military capacity has been significantly eroded, and its leaders are dead or in deep hiding. Israel will retain the right to continue its efforts to bring them to justice.

[OCS: This is not the proposal Israel made. And, of course, Hamas wants a cease-fire to provide time to reconstitute its strength and re-arm. It is all part of the Islamic concept of “taqiyya,” the practice of concealing one’s beliefs and intentions and foregoing ordinary religious duties when under threat of death or injury. The senior Hamas leadership is not in Gaza but abroad in protected concealment by Iran, Egypt, Qatar, and elsewhere.]

This deal is the best path to both end the crisis in Gaza and to ensure Israel’s security today and over the longer-term. It is also the best way to ensure that Hamas does not re-arm or control Gaza. The President made clear that this is the only path to both bring the hostages home and ensure Israel’s lasting security. The President reemphasized that Israel will always have what it needs to defend itself – and always retains the right to defend itself from threats and bring justice to those responsible for October 7.

[OCS: This deal will not end the crisis in Gaza as long as their religion and charter call for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews, as taught to each generation of children in their schools. Nor will it ensure Israel’s lasting security. As we remember, it was Hamas who broke an existing cease-fire on October 7.

From what we have seen, the Biden Administration has slow-walked aid to Israel to coerce an acceptance of a bogus cease-fire. As for the hostages, Hamas cannot account for the hostages, has denied Red Cross humanitarian intervention, and could not even produce 40 live hostages for a previous deal. Biden’s proposal is a death warrant for the remaining hostages as the deal equates live and dead hostages as being acceptable for return purposes.] 

With this deal in place, what can follow would include: 1) restoration of calm on the northern border to allow people to return to their homes; 2) begin rebuilding Gaza together with the international community; Arab partners; and Palestinians and Israelis in a manner that does not allow Hamas to re-arm; 3) pursue an Israel more regionally integrated including through normalized relations with Saudi Arabia; and 4) create the conditions for a future of freedom and self-determination for the Palestinian people, including a two state solution that provides a better future for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

[OCS: Why should Israeli and American citizens be burdened with the reconstruction of Gaza? There is no such thing as “freedom,” at least as Americans define it, in any Islamic country governed by Sharia law.]

The President ended with a clear call to action. “For months,” he said, “people all over the world have called for a ceasefire. Now it’s time to raise your voices and to demand that Hamas come to the table, agrees to this deal, and ends this war that they began.”

[OCS: Who are we to make life or death demands and decisions on the State of Israel?

“Everyone who wants peace now must raise their voices and let the leaders know they should take this deal; work to make it real, make it lasting; and forge a better future out of the tragic terror attack and war.”

Click here to view the full remarks.

Shabbat Shalom,
Shelley Greenspan
Liaison to the American Jewish Community

[OCS: I believe that Shelly Greenspan is a Judas Goat, serving at the pleasure of the progressive communist democrats and leading her ancestral people to slaughter.]

What the Obama/Biden Administration is selling…


Israel’s diplomatic response…


Egypt is not an honest broker...

IDF Exposes Secret Egypt-Gaza Bridge in Rafah Operation

Egypt enables an entire industry of smuggling tunnels from its territory to the territory of the Gaza Strip and, in practice, constitutes the organization’s “oxygen pipe” and a main source of illegal weapons, ammunition, and prohibited materials that enabled the establishment of “Deep Gaza.”

The highlight was the existence of an overpass between Egypt and Gaza – the Salah al-Din crossing that was used for the movement of goods from Egypt to the Gaza Strip without any Israeli or international supervision. It was not widely publicized and operated in addition to the famous Rafah crossing.

Apparently, the economy of the tunnels/goods/crossings and the industry that developed on Egyptian soil contributed quite a bit to the quiet that Egypt asked to preserve in the Sinai Peninsula, and hence the Egyptian interest in not eliminating it, as Egypt knew how to do in many other cases.

Egypt had opposed an Israeli operation in Rafah, as had the Biden administration. It is clear now that Egypt wanted to cover up its role in Hamas’s smuggling and importing of weapons. The Biden administration may also have wanted to preserve the image of Egypt as a U.S. ally.

Since attacking Rafah in early May, Israel has seized control of nearly the entire Philadelphi Corridor, as the road along the Egypt-Gaza border is called. In so doing, it has killed terrorists and destroyed tunnels and rocket launchers. <Source>

Bottom line…

Israel has evacuated almost all of Rafah, seized the center of the city, and secured the Egyptian border region. The only thing that remains is to destroy the terrorist tunnels and eradicate Hamas, both as a military force and as the governing authority.

Why is the Obama/Biden Administration still demanding a “complete ceasefire” and the removal of Israeli forces from Gaza unless it was to secure the Muslim vote in the upcoming election?

One would hope that the Jews would understand history and the use of false prophets to inform their decisions. With the advent of another Holocaust, this time precipitated by a nuclear Iran, one would believe that they would realize that the Democrats were willing to sell them out for a few Muslim votes.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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