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Can you imagine this buffoon, Newsom becoming President of the United States—he can!


Widely regarded as a “prick” among his fellow governors, Governor “Gruesome” Newsom screws the pooch again!

California’s $25-an-Hour Minimum-Wage Boomerang
Gov. Newsom now says the law he signed last October would add to the state’s fiscal woes. He ignored warnings at the time.

Progressives in Sacramento rarely think twice before burdening businesses. But lo and behold, they are having second thoughts about California’s new $25-an-hour minimum wage for healthcare workers. Why? Because its burdensome budget costs are threatening liberal programs.

[OCS: The Governor and his uniparty progressive communist democrats could care less about their constituency. Build a multi-billion dollar moderate speed rail line to nowhere and feed consultants, unions, and the special interests, no problemo. Put the same money into prisons and law enforcement, no can do.]

California’s Democratic Legislature is scrambling this week to delay the state’s higher healthcare minimum wage, which is scheduled to take effect on June 1. It’s not uncommon for politicians to reverse themselves, but California Gov. Gavin Newsom is walking back a law that he signed only last October. What’s changed?

The state’s budget deficit has ballooned to $45 billion. Mr. Newsom projects that the new healthcare minimum wage would cost the state $4 billion more a year owing to higher Medicaid costs and compensation for workers at state-owned facilities. Legislative analyses warned about these costs, but Mr. Newsom signed the law anyway.

Thus the minimum wage for healthcare workers is set to rise to between $18 and $23 an hour this Saturday, depending on the type and size of healthcare provider. California’s current minimum wage for all workers is $16 an hour. Nearly all workers at healthcare facilities including janitors will have to be paid at least $25 an hour by 2028.

[OCS: In what universe does a fulltime janitor make $51,000/year plus benefits. And remember those other salaries proportionally linked to minimum wage. This is what communist wealth distribution looks like as it hollows-out the middle class.]

Democrats shrugged when healthcare providers warned that the wage mandate could force cuts to patient services. Who cares if Californians wait longer before being seen at the ER? But now Democrats worry that the state’s higher health costs could force bigger government spending cuts. Oh no. Californians may have to wait even longer for their bullet train to nowhere.

Mr. Newsom is proposing to tie health worker minimum-wage increases to the state’s general fund revenue and to exempt state facilities. But once capital-gains revenue picks up again, California’s private healthcare providers will be stuck paying for the wage mandate, which they will ultimately pass on to patients. Far better to repeal the $25 wage minimum en toto.

As usual, Democrats don’t want to eat their own lousy cooking. Gov. Newsom this spring also signed legislation to carve out fast-food restaurants on government property from California’s new $20-an-hour fast-food minimum wage, which kicked in last month. Democrats don’t want the mandate interfering with government concession licenses.

[OCS: Ask about special interest carve outs and exemptions from new fast food worker minimum wage laws for Newsom’s friends at Panera Bread. Ask about the non-disclosure agreement (NDA). ]

When government raises wages above what the market commands, employers will increase prices and reduce labor. California, QED. <Source>

[OCS: One only need look at fast food prices and the number of food service workers who have lost their jobs—with nary a peep from the communists at the SEIU (Service Employees International Union.)

Bottom line…

Californians and their businesses are deserting the State’s high taxes, unfavorable business climate, and onerous, nonsensical regulations for more favorable environments. Leaving the State to illegal aliens who are rapidly depleting California’s reserves and safety nets. Viva la progressive communist democrat revolutions that is destroying the once Golden State from within.

No matter how they slice the pizza, it is the taxpayer who pays for the pie and ALL the toppings.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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