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There is little doubt in my mind that unions are returning to their Marxist/Communist roots to support the Democrat Party…

I am dead set opposed to parasitical unions. They no longer serve any useful function, considering the range of legal remedies available to the workers to address safety issues and other grievances. They exist as a racket to increase their membership, dues income, control over pension funds, and political power. They are damaging to both corporations and public institutions as they serve as a direct vector of political corruption and the misuse of taxpayer funds.

However, I never thought that I would see an American union openly support Hamas, a terrorist organization that butchers innocent civilians, and Gaza, where 70% of inhabitants elected Hamas as their governing body and celebrated the mass murder of innocent Israeli men, women, and children in the most barbaric, vicious,  and brutal fashion.


The UAWs negotiated high labor costs was a significant factor contributing to the decline of the auto industry, particularly the Detroit Big Three automakers (General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler). These high labor costs, including wages, benefits, and pensions, have made American automakers less competitive compared to foreign manufacturers with lower labor costs.

The UAW’s rigid work rules and practices stifled innovation and flexibility in the workplace by resisting changes to work practices or automated technology.

Abolishing unions could allow companies to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and preserve jobs. One only needs to review the history of corrupt unions that have destroyed the auto industry. 

The UAW, which represents automotive industry workers, has faced scandals related to political corruption. In recent years, high-ranking UAW officials have been implicated in embezzlement schemes, kickbacks, and other corrupt practices.

Bottom line…

Decertify the unions.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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