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There is no doubt that President Joe Biden is unfit to serve as the President of the United States and the Commander-in-Chief.

Not only is he physically impaired and experiencing balance and stability issues, but he is grossly cognitively impaired to the point where his memory malfunctions to the extent he is not well grounded in time and location. He experiences difficulty reading the teleprompter and often slurs his words into incoherent sounds. Moreover, he is a habitual liar who says anything that comes to mind.

Unfortunately, his handlers, overwhelmingly Obama acolytes, have a vested interest in maintaining power for as long as possible.

In addition to limiting his public appearances and providing extensive directions with pictures, Biden still gets it wrong and spouts nonsense.

You cannot even trust his recorded communications, which often require several attempts to patch together even a 15-second statement.

We are also finding that the White House Communication team is going beyond protecting Biden and altering official White House communications, contrary to the Presidential Records Act.

White House Issues Nine Corrections to Biden’s NAACP Speech

Biden's transcripts are often confounding, but this one published by the White House was extra messy despite the president only speaking for 18 minutes.

  • And when I was vice president, things were kind of bad during the pandemic [recession], and what happened was Barack said to me, “Go to Detroit and help fix it.”
  • Folks, I’m humbled to receive this organization [award], which defines the character and consequence of what we do.
  • Look, folks, I just came from Atlanta, where I delivered a commencement at Morehouse College.  (Applause.)  It was truly inspiresing [inspiring]: over 400 young Black men who will do extraordinary things.
  • I protected and expanded the Affordable Care Act, saving millions of families $800,000 in prem- — $8,000 [$800] in — a year in premiums.
  • We’re increasing access to capital to start business and loans to buy homes.  We’re cracking down on corporate landlords who [to] keep rents down.
  • He not only denies reproductive freedom but worsens the mortality rate for Black moms, who have [are] nearly three times more likely to die from pregnancy complications than a white woman.
  • Just listen to him.  He calls the irrectionists [insurrectionists] who stormed Capitol Hill “patriots.”
  • Donald Trump has said, if he loses again in November, there will be, quote, “bloodshed” [“bloodbath”]. What in God’s name are we talking about here?
  • His spirit endures.  The NAAC [NAACP] spirit endures.


One could forgive occasional mistakes in numbers or misspoken words, even with a teleprompter and written large-print copy, but it is much harder to forgive a constant barrage of half-truths and outright lies, many of which have been repeated often--even after being debunked as being obvious falsehoods.

Even worse are those who cover for him with their own deceptions like the incompetent White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre whose only qualification is that she is an intersectional (female, black, lesbian), and the duplicitous John Kirby, a retired United States Navy rear admiral (a restricted line officer NOT eligible for command at sea.) serving as White House National Security Communications Advisor.

Bottom line…

An analysis of White House transcripts by the Daily Caller last month revealed that the White House communication staff has had to correct Mr. Biden’s public remarks at least 148 times since the start of the year. <Source>

The only way I can describe the progressive communist democrats, including Joe Biden, is Fraudulent, Deceitful, Duplicitous, and Cunning. Scheming, Treacherous, Underhanded, Machiavellian, Conniving, Shady, Unscrupulous, Crafty, Sneaky, Machinating, Disingenuous, Insidious, Guileful, Devious, False, Fake, and Full of Shit.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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