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Even the most corrupt of political analysts will admit that President Joe Biden is severely mentally impaired and unfit to execute the duties of the President of the United States or serve as the Commander-in-Chief of our military forces. So, who is making the decisions and pronouncements from the Office of the Presidency?

There is little doubt that Biden’s handlers, all Obamacons and Clintonites, are in charge—taking their orders from the progressive communist democrat hierarchy headed by former President Barack Obama, an avowed anti-America, anti-White, anti-Semitic communist and community organizer with a sketchy and not well-documented history.

Why are we attributing the malign actions now taking place across the United States and in foreign lands to Joe Biden when he is mentally incapacitated and unable to deliver an impromptu speech longer than fifteen seconds?

Are we so blind as to see that trained agitators are surreptitiously inciting the college protests, many of the same who appeared in the Occupy Wall Street and George Floyd street riots—and who are likely to appear in the 2024 Democrat convention in Chicago—one of the most corrupt progressive communist democrat strongholds in America? Notably, the exact location as the location of the 1968 Democratic National Convention riots protesting the United States’ involvement in the Vietnam War—again organized and led by trained progressive communist democrat agitators.

Likewise, are we unaware that the progressive communist democrats and the current regime have captured the media, both legacy and social, using economic (contracts, grants, access, and other favors), legislative (anti-trust and exemption from civil liabilities), and personnel (former government employees with allegiance to their former intelligence, law enforcement, and other agencies) to enforce the regime’s dictates on a day-to-day basis?

Are we so blind as to ignore the fact that the very same individuals, organizations, foundations, and enemy countries funding the Biden campaign to elect a grossly incompetent incumbent president are the very ones funding the civil unrest and riots? Why are we not holding the funders of chaos responsible for what they are wreaking on America, from open borders to civil unrest?

Why would the Obama/Biden regime support terrorists over a tacit ally like Israel? Why would the Obama/Biden regime leave our borders open to criminals, crazies, terrorists, and an invasion of illegal aliens who are bankrupting our safety nets and treasury resources?

Are they simply appeasing the anti-Semitic left and willing to scapegoat the Jews to misdirect the public from their unconstitutional and disastrous domestic and foreign policies—or even their previous criminal behavior?

Are they sympathetic to the Islamicists?

Are they sympathetic to Iran, the agitator, funder, and arms supplier to radical terrorist regimes?

Or is this just part of the decades-long plan to destabilize America and bring about an authoritarian socialist government operated by the elites to benefit their oligarch sponsors?

And where is the pushback from the self-declared Republican opposition?

Actions, indeed, speak louder than words, yet all we get from the Republicans is tough talk in committee hearings and strongly worded letters. There are no subpoenas, criminal referrals, or ethics complaints—yada, yada, yada.

Bottom line…

Who can you trust?

Indeed, it is not the progressive communist democrat government that attempts to broker a cease-fire without the unconditional return of all hostages, including Americans. But, then again, this is the regime that left Americans and their allies behind the lines in Afghanistan to be captured, killed, raped, and mutilated.

Can anyone explain why the Biden Administration is deliberately withholding precision weapons from Israel at the same time they are demanding reduced civilian casualties? Or is it a ploy to amplify Hamas’s claims of Israel’s war crimes?

As for the Republicans, you hold your nose, vote for Trump, and pray things get better.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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