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One thing that annoys me the most is stories about school systems and administrators complaining they do not have enough money to pay off student’s lunch debt.

This story is about individual kindness and community spirit.

11-year-old raises money to pay off classmate’s lunch debt

An 11-year-old student from Missouri is raising money to pay off his classmates’ lunch debt.

“It’s important for kids to eat,” Daken Kramer said. “I don’t think they could make it through the day without eating a school lunch.”

Officials with the Blue Springs School District said all kids have access to school lunches and are provided a free breakfast for those who qualify. But they said that’s led to a lot of unpaid school lunch debt.

“We definitely have quite a bit of lunch debt that piles up, especially at the end of the year,” Principal Dr. Alison Longwell said. Longwell said there is more than $3,000 of debt at her elementary school alone and more than $225,000 in the district.

“Sometimes we have businesses reach out, but we don’t typically have families reach out,” she said. The school district said lunch debt is a huge issue for schools everywhere right now.

That’s why Daken said he wants to pitch in and help as he moves on to middle school. So far he’s raised $560. <Source>

BssdThe Blue Springs R-IV School District, reorganized in 1949, comprises of nearly 15,000 students and 2,300 staff. The City of Blue Springs is the 10th largest municipality in Missouri, and BSSD’s boundaries include parts of Grain Valley, Lee’s Summit, and Independence. BSSD is home to the first and sixth-largest high schools in the state. The Blue Springs School District is proud to be recognized locally and nationally as an exceptional school district.

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Bottom line...

Our government is trillions in debt and paying the salaries and retirement benefits for Ukrainian employees, yet we seem to be ignoring the most vulnerable among us: our children. 

I find it absolutely disgusting that the progressive communist democrats in the Obama/Biden Administration can wipe out billions in student loan debt and ignore the relatively minor debts that students owe to school districts for essential lunches.

Why are the representatives in the House sucking down pork for their special interests and not supporting the children in their district?

We are so screwed. 


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