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There was a time when there was something to be said for trade unions. Not anymore, especially those in support of the progressive communist democrats who are welcoming low-paid illegal alien labor while destroying American businesses with their outrageous demands.


Now the unions are supporting terrorists who murder, mutilate, and rape innocent civilians, and burn babies alive, while condemning those who stand between these barbarians and Western civilization.

UAW chief slams mass arrests of pro-Palestinian protesters on college campuses

United Auto Workers (UAW) President Shawn Fain lambasted the mass arrests of pro-Palestinian protesters on college campuses across the country, while emphasizing the union’s call for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

“The UAW will never support the mass arrest or intimidation of those exercising their right to protest, strike, or speak out against injustice,” Fain wrote Wednesday on the social platform X. “Our union has been calling for a ceasefire for six months. This war is wrong, and this response against students and academic workers, many of them UAW members, is wrong.”


[OCS:  Fain has made no secret of his activism. Rather than focusing on workplace safety, salary, and healthcare benefits for his union’s members, Fain is choosing to engage in “social justice” politics that appears to be designed to cement the far-left union to the progressive communist democrats.

Disclaimer: I am no fan of a union that promotes seniority over competence and merit, demands an increase in pay and benefits without a corresponding increase in productivity or lower costs, and essentially is a parasite on the host organization it will eventually kill with its politics.]

Hundreds of students and faculty members have been arrested over the past two weeks as pro-Palestinian protests roil college campuses nationwide. Demonstrators have taken to university yards and streets and started encampments to protest Israel’s wartime campaign in Gaza and call for a halt in U.S. aid to Israel. <Source>

The UAW represents student workers under its local 4811, which encompasses 48,000 academic student employees, graduate student researchers, academic researchers, and postdocs in the University of California system.

[OCS: Allowing unions to increase their representation and power in public institutions is a clear and present danger to our nation as it veers toward thuggery-enforced communism and the political corruption crippling our nation.]

Bottom line…

When hard-working rank-and-file workers allow the UAW leadership to support the murderous Hamas terrorists, Genocide Joe Biden, and his genocidal administration, you know you’re on the road to the type of communism that destroys nations and populations,

We don’t have much time left to start turning the ship of state away from the treacherous shoals of communism.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve



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