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THE REPUBLICAN FART (Floor Action Response Team)

You cannot make this stuff up…

Several Freedom Caucus members in the Republican Party are hell-bent on preserving their leverage over the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, by exploiting a threat to oust him from the speakership with a motion to vacate and using the thinly divided House majority to thwart the necessary reform to save America.

The creation of the House “Floor Action Response Team” has stirred up a storm of ridicule on social media due to its acronym: “FART.”

This is all with the intent of countering attempts by a majority of GOP caucus members to diminish the corrupt and malign influence of the so-called radical right. Namely, it is to prevent the GOP majority from displacing its radical and disruptive members from the influential House Rules Committee or to raise the threshold for initiating a vote to remove the Speaker via a motion to vacate.

With the House set to deliberate on three separate bills allocating $95 billion in security assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan and then combine them into a single bill that will be forwarded to the Senate, these few fools, namely Marjory Taylor Green, Thomas Massie, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz want to impose their will on the GOP majority.

These are not patriots; they are disrupters who will effectively hand the House over to the radical progressive communist democrat Hakim Jeffries, currently the Minority Leader of the House.

Bottom line…

I will spare you the jokes and memes circulating on the internet.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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