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The Illusion of Choice: Republicans and Immigration Policies in the Shadow of Progressive Democrats

It is beyond debate that duplicitous Republicans, many of whom are RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), appear content in playing the loyal opposition to the progressive communist democrats as long as they retain their cushy offices, perks, privileges, and profits.

These Republicans care not a whit for their constituency as they prostrate and prostitute themselves to the special interests, both foreign and domestic, as well as the media.

They are self-serving cowards willing to sell out their Country, Constitution, and constituency for ill-gotten gains, the proverbial thirty pieces of silver if you will. They cannot be trusted with the safety and security of America or Americans. They oversee malignant, malevolent, and malicious policies and do nothing other than run toward the microphones and cameras to loudly condemn the treacherous actions of the opposition while lacking the guts to take meaningful action. These are the letter writers who demand but rarely enforce their demands with legal action. These representatives speechify at congressional hearings but fade into the background as soon as their five minutes of face-time with the cameras runs out.

In the profoundly polarized landscape of American politics, the issue of immigration stands as a battleground where ideologies clash, and narratives diverge.

On one side, we have the Progressive Communist Democrats advocating for "comprehensive reform," emphasizing the type of compassion and inclusivity that demands open borders. On the other side, Republicans have yet to offer a viable alternative. Closer inspection reveals their "tough" stance against open borders as merely a façade—a mirage of choice obscuring the reality of a singular narrative.

The Progressive Communist Democrats, emphasizing social justice and equality, present a vision of immigration reform rooted in humanitarian principles. They advocate for pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, often referred to as Dreamers, who were brought to the United States as children. They champion comprehensive immigration reform, addressing limited border security but also the complexities of visa systems and asylum procedures.

Behind the scenes, the progressive communist democrats talk about flooding the states with illegal aliens who are counted in the official census to create additional representatives in Congress, namely the House of Representatives. Thus, there is no immediate need for citizenship as the children of these illegals become automatic citizens. One generation is all it takes to legalize those who are the progeny of illegal aliens. They secure their majority in the House without lifting a proverbial finger. 

Conversely, Republicans ostensibly position themselves as the voice of opposition, offering a counterbalance to the progressive agenda. However, a closer examination reveals that their rhetoric often aligns more closely with watered-down Democrat policies than actual reform.

While some within the Republican Party may express support for increased border security and stricter enforcement measures, the majority waffles on and on about specific immigration measures, such as merit-based systems or guest worker programs. Yet few call for a functioning visa system that tracks arrivals and departures to issue automatic and immediate deportation orders for violators. Even fewer want to solve the problem when an illegal alien is holding a citizenship baby in their arms. These Republicans are not what we need: we need tough people to make tough choices about tough actions rather than tough talk for the media. 

The illusion of choice becomes evident when one realizes that the Republican stance on immigration is not a genuine alternative to the progressive communist democrat agenda but rather a variation on the same theme—a theme of kicking the can down the road and decrying the damage being done to our safety, security, welfare, healthcare, and educational systems.

While Democrats publicly advocate for inclusivity and the recognition of immigrants' presumed contributions to society, many Republicans respond with the obvious fact that immigrants have become a real threat to national security, economic stability, and a culture of American exceptionalism. The media then dismissing the Republican claims as nothing more than xenophobic fearmongering and scapegoating. 

Big money in play...

There is no doubt that the significant influence of special interest groups, activists, immigration attorneys, political donors, and the massive bureaucracy dealing with immigrant affairs complicates the situation even further.

Powerful lobbyists advocating for cheap labor on behalf of their corporate clients, prioritizing the interests of big business over the welfare of American citizens, also wield significant influence over Republican lawmakers. 

Bottom line...

The idea of Republicans providing a genuine alternative to the immigration policies of Progressive Communist Democrats is but an illusion. This mirage obscures the reality of a singular narrative rooted in exclusion and division.

The Republicans are not the party of, pardon the Obama expression, hope and change; they are the party of duplicity and betrayal. 

The RINOs exist only because we live in a post-consequence world where accountability means suffering through a few mean tweets. The worst thing that can happen to a RINO politician is not mediocrity but becoming irrelevant to the media.

With these guys, there are only two responses: that's not true, and even if it is, it's your fault because you did not sufficiently support our cause with your donations. It can never be; I'm a crap politician who doesn't care or doesn't know what I am doing. 

The Republicans are presently engaging in a suicidal act of self-deception. With months to the 2024 presidential election, we still do not know how the Republicans will start America on the road to reform. Let us hope they get their heads out of their "collectivist" asses.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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