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There is no doubt that the Islamic Republic of Iran has, directly or indirectly through its state-sponsored proxies, committed an act of war against the State of Israel by the “use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state” as per Article 2(4) of the United Nations Charter.

United Nations Charter Article 2, paragraph 4

All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations. <Source: United Nations Security Council>

The Islamic Republic of Iran admits the attack…

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said via state media: ‘The aerospace unit of the Revolutionary Guards has attacked targets in Israel with dozens of drones and missiles in reaction to the Zionist regime’s crimes, including the attack on the consulate section of Iran’s embassy in Damascus and martyring our commanders and military advisers in Syria.’ <Source>

The State of Israel confirms the attack…

The IDF’s spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, said that the Iranian attack was ’a severe and dangerous escalation’ in tensions, adding: ‘Our defensive and offensive capabilities are at the highest level of readiness ahead of this large-scale attack from Iran.’

The IDF said: ‘The air defense array is on high alert at the same time as the Air Force planes and Navy ships that are on a mission to protect the country’s skies. The IDF is monitoring all targets.

‘We ask the public to adhere to and follow the instructions of the Home Front Command and the official IDF announcements regarding the matter. <Source>

The unknown…

It is believed by some security analysts that Iran possesses a working nuclear weapon and that the Obama/Biden administration has struck an illegal quid pro quo deal with Iran to avoid announcing their nuclear capability or conducting an October Surprise test before the 2024 presidential election in return for relaxed sanctions regarding billions of dollars in blocked funds and oil revenue.

Pussyfooting around a clear and present act of war…

It appears the diplomatic euphemisms are flying on all sides.

  • “A breach of international peace and stability.”
  • “An aggressive military maneuver.”
  • “A significant escalation of tensions.”
  • “A breach of sovereignty.”
  • “An incursion into territorial integrity.”
  • “A hostile military action.”
  • “A challenge to regional security.”
  • “An infringement on peacekeeping efforts.”
  • “An act of aggression.”
  • “A violation of diplomatic norms.”
  • “A disruption of global harmony.”
  • “A breach of ceasefire agreements.”
  • “A destabilizing military operation.”
  • “A provocative military engagement.”
  • “An assault on peaceful coexistence.”
  • “A transgression against international law.”
  • “A provocation with potential for conflict.”
  • “A breach of armistice terms.”
  • “An infringement on diplomatic relations.”
  • “A challenge to the principles of non-violence and diplomacy.”

President Biden’s Statement…

Wh-logo Statement from President Joe Biden on Iran’s Attacks against the State of Israel

Earlier today, Iran—and its proxies operating out of Yemen, Syria and Iraq—launched an unprecedented air attack against military facilities in Israel. I condemn these attacks in the strongest possible terms.

At my direction, to support the defense of Israel, the U.S. military moved aircraft and ballistic missile defense destroyers to the region over the course of the past week. Thanks to these deployments and the extraordinary skill of our servicemembers, we helped Israel take down nearly all of the incoming drones and missiles.

[OCS: Playing defense is not the same as firing a shot over their bow or demonstrating your commitment with the destruction of a military target.]

I’ve just spoken with Prime Minister Netanyahu to reaffirm America’s ironclad commitment to the security of Israel. I told him that Israel demonstrated a remarkable capacity to defend against and defeat even unprecedented attacks – sending a clear message to its foes that they cannot effectively threaten the security of Israel.

[OCS: At the same time, the Obama/Biden administrations seek regime change in Israel and the destruction of Prime Minister Netanyahu through a not-so-covert color revolution.]

Tomorrow, I will convene my fellow G7 leaders to coordinate a united diplomatic response to Iran’s brazen attack. My team will engage with their counterparts across the region. And we will stay in close touch with Israel’s leaders. And while we have not seen attacks on our forces or facilities today, we will remain vigilant to all threats and will not hesitate to take all necessary action to protect our people.

[OCS: The G7 member states consist of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States—some of whose feckless leaders are anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. Any diplomatic response is likely to be a “strong” letter saying, “Don’t do that again.”] <Source>

What Biden says in private...

Scoop: Biden told Bibi U.S. won't support an Israeli counterattack on Iran

President Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a call on Saturday that the U.S. won't support any Israeli counterattack against Iran, a senior White House official told Axios.

Why it matters: Biden and his senior advisers are highly concerned an Israeli response to Iran's attack on Israel would lead to a regional war with catastrophic consequences, U.S. officials said.

Biden told Netanyahu the joint defensive efforts by Israel, the U.S. and other countries in the region led to the failure of the Iranian attack, according to the White House official.

  • "You got a win. Take the win," Biden told Netanyahu, according to the official.
  • The official said that when Biden told Netanyahu that the U.S. would not participate in any offensive operations against Iran and would not support such operations, Netanyahu said he understood.
  • U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke on Saturday with his Israeli counterpart Yoav Gallant and asked that Israel notify the U.S. ahead of any response against Iran, a senior Israeli official said. <Source>

The truth is Biden is out to lunch and the Obamacons like National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin have little experience and are probably scared shitless of being held accountable for a regional war or the loss of a democrat-majority Senate. And telling anyone in the Biden Administration of attack plans is like telling the Supreme Leader of Iran directly.

What now?

Was this a symbolic “tit-for-tat” strike that is relatively harmless and not worthy of an actual full-scale, serious military retaliatory strike or a precursor to a joint attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, the Iranian regime’s senior leadership, or the Iranian oil infrastructure?

Is the United States mindful of Iranian sleeper cells embedded in the United States while our premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies are concentrating on domestic policies, namely destroying Donald Trump in favor of the progressive communist democrat authoritarian regime?

Has America been sold out by traitors like former President Barack Obama, who resurrected a failing Iranian regime and facilitated its nuclear capabilities? Or Robert Malley, who is alleged to have collaborated with the Iranians and assisted in introducing Iranian operatives into high government positions?

Does America have unregistered foreign agents in Congress who support hostile foreign powers?

Bottom line…

Nobody really knows anything other than we are well and truly screwed by those who purport to represent “We the People.”

-- Steve


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