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The Joint Legislative Audit Committee requested an audit of the State’s homelessness funding, including an evaluation of the efforts undertaken by the State and two cities to monitor the cost‑effectiveness of such spending. In general, this report concludes that the State must do more to assess the cost-effectiveness of its homelessness programs.

Unfortunately, everything governed by the progressive communist democrat uni-party in California is a political calculation to advance their toxic agenda and to secure the support of the special interests who fund their campaigns, provide voter support, and run registration drives.

According to the report, “more than 180,000 Californians experienced homelessness in 2023—a 53 percent increase from 2013.”

“To address this ongoing crisis, nine state agencies have collectively spent billions of dollars in state funding over the past five years administering at least 30 programs dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness.”

And, “according to the Legislative Analyst’s Office, the State allocated nearly $24 billion for homelessness and housing during the last five fiscal years, or from 2018–19 through 2022–23.”

So where did the money actually go, and how much was siphoned off for administrative expenses and no-bid service contracts?

The short answer is they don’t want to know. The system is deliberately defective by design.

  • Data indicate that two of the five programs we reviewed—Homekey and the Housing Support Program—are likely cost‑effective. Homekey allows the State to provide individuals with housing that is less expensive than newly built units. The Housing Support Program helps house families who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness and costs less than the State would spend if these families were homeless.
  • The State has not collected adequate outcome data to assess the cost‑effectiveness of the remaining three programs. Without such data, it will lack assurance that these programs represent the best use of state funding.

How long does it take to develop an adequate tracking system, and why does the State of California withhold check issuance and endorsement data based on privacy concerns?

The footnotes…

As is our standard practice, we communicated with Cal ICH [California Interagency Council on Homelessness] while it was reviewing our draft report to discuss any concerns it may have about the report. After these conversations, we informed Cal ICH that we would make changes to the recommendation that Cal ICH develop and publish a scorecard of the cost and outcomes of the State’s homelessness programs. The recommendation can be found here.

Bottom line…

Audit, my ass! The term audit is misleading; the conclusions are always recommendations, there is no mention of waste, fraud, and abuse, and the self-serving system run by the politicians on behalf of the special interests rolls on unabated—fueled by borrowed money and taxpayer obligations.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

  • Homelessness in California: The State Must Do More to Assess the Cost‑Effectiveness of Its Homelessness Programs

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  • Homelessness in California: San José and San Diego Must Do More to Plan and Evaluate Their Efforts to Reduce Homelessness

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