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Once again, we are left to wonder as our government and media lie…

2560px-The_Telegraph_logo.svgHamas financier’ found riddled with bullets in Lebanon villa
Mohammad Sarur had been accused of funneling tens of millions of dollars from Iranian authorities to terrorist group

Mohammad Sarur was found dead at his home in the mountain town of Beit Meri outside Beirut after being shot at least five times

A suspected financier for Hamas has been found dead at his villa in Lebanon amid growing tensions between Israel and Iran’s proxies.

A body identified as Mohammad Sarur, who had been accused of funneling tens of millions of dollars from Iranian authorities to the terrorist group, was found at his home in the mountain town of Beit Meri outside Beirut after being shot at least five times on Tuesday, a security official told the AFP news agency. His money remained at the scene and was not taken by the gunman.

Sarur was sanctioned by the US Treasury Department for acting as a “middleman” between Iran’s Quds Force and Hamas as he was reportedly in charge of “all money transfers” between them.

The death of a 57-year-old man with the same initials was originally reported by Lebanon’s National News agency on Tuesday night.

Sanctions against Sarur date back to 2019 when US authorities suspected him of acting as an intermediary between Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas, claiming the money he helped to funnel could be used to carry out terrorist attacks on Israel from Gaza.

The US sanctions designation said Sarur was identified as early as 2014 to be working with Hezbollah operatives and being in charge of “all money transfers” between the Quds Force and Hamas’s armed wing the Qassam Brigades.

Security officials in Lebanon did not immediately name any suspects in the killing. Sarur would have been a prime target for an Israeli assassination but it would have been an unusual operation for Israel to carry out.

Israel in recent weeks has ramped up its attacks on Iran proxies across the Middle East, assassinating high-profile individuals in Lebanon and Syria. But all of them were killed in high-precision drone or missile strikes.

There is no military solution to the current confrontation and violence; a political and diplomatic solution is the only way forward.” <Source>

[OCS: This is a bald-faced lie. There is a military solution—kill the terrorists and their supporters in a show of joverwhelming force.]

What is going on?

Occam’s Razor, the simplest explanation is preferable to one that is more complex, suggests the Israeli’s whacked him to interrupt the flow of funds to the terrorists.

However, because we can no longer trust our government, or and other government, or the media, other explanations are possible and plausible.

  • The Obama/Biden CIA whacked him to increase Iranian outrage and/or pressure on Israel.
  • The Iranians whacked him in a false flag operation or because he had sticky fingers and the death could be attributed to Israel.
  • A third-party in the Middle East like the Saudis or the Egyptians could have whacked him to ratchet-up the pressure on Israel.
  • He was whacked to provoke an Iranian retaliatory strike on Israel which provides a reason for Israel to attack Iranian nuclear facilities prior to a break-out which would imperil Saudi Arabia and other regional actors.

Some believe that Iran already has nuclear weapons and that the Obama/Biden Administration is being blackmailed to delay the announcement until after the 2024 election. Others would encourage a nuclear strike on Israel just because their religion is a death cult and the easiest way to join Allah.

Bottom line…

Who knows?

We are so screwed.


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