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Tactical-patchI am back to my cynical self and asking cui bono, who benefits?

Is it possible that the feckless, “lead from behind” Obamacons in the Obama/Biden Administration are being blackmailed into tacitly supporting Iran’s HAMAS proxy in return for delaying the news release of Iran’s nuclear breakout—something that would be so damaging to the Democrat Party as to ensure an election defeat?

Or is it possible that the Democrats are so focused on the Muslims in Michigan (aka Dearbornistan) and Minneapolis (where the “call to prayer” chant in Arabic is blasted from rooftop loudspeakers) that they are willing to disadvantage Israel, full well knowing that the majority of American Jews will instinctively pull the Democrat lever?

I wonder if the White House is also managing the unwinnable Ukraine situation, just with less exposure and media hostility, especially since Victoria Nuland and her State Department crew precipitated and participated in the 2014 color revolution and the unnecessary provocation of Russia with its NATO machinations.

Active interference…

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, a former House speaker and a key ally to President Biden, has joined the effort by dozens of other radical progressive communist democrats to halt weapons transfers to Israel. HOUSE DEMOCRATS WHO SUPPORT TERRORISTS CONTINUE ATTACK ON ISRAEL

The Israeli military has withdrawn more ground troops from the southern Gaza Strip, leaving just one brigade there six months after the start of its offensive, a spokesperson for the force said on Sunday.

The military has been reducing numbers in Gaza since the start of the year to relieve reservists and under growing pressure from its ally Washington to improve the humanitarian situation. It did not give details on its reasons for withdrawing soldiers or the numbers involved.

Meanwhile, Egypt is preparing to host a new round of talks aimed at reaching a ceasefire and hostage release deal, which both Israel and Hamas said they would attend. <Source>

Why are we catering to terrorists who continue to fire missiles into civilian areas of Israel? Where is the international demand that all Hamas hostilities cease, with the surrender of Hamas leaders and weaponry, the return of any of the hostages and bodies, and with the proviso that the destruction of Gaza will be as complete as the U.S. action in Iraq if not initiated within 72 hours?

Bottom line…

I find it appalling that the morally bankrupt Obama/Administration has, and is, causing so much destruction, death, and despair with their activist policies, which are driven by politics and profits. How many innocent individuals have died in Ukraine and Israel because of U.S. interference?

We are screwed, the innocent Ukrainians are screwed, and Israel and the Israelis are being screwed by the Democrats who ignore the self-inflicted invasion of criminals, crazies, and terrorists pouring over our open borders. And, let us not forget the embedded Democrats and ideologues in the Republican Party, which allow the Democrats to ignore the safety and security of the United States while plundering billions of borrowed dollars from the American people.

The consent of the governed is dead, and we are in a political police state.

-- Steve


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