As Haiti descends into criminal chaos and President Biden contemplates sending a detachment of U.S. Marines in to help, how about sending the Clintons, the Obamas, and the Bushes back to finish the cleanup--all funded with Clinton Foundation and presidential fortune funds?

U.S. considers sending troops to Haiti to quell violence as gangs vow to 'break the system'
In one attack, the gangs were able to release more than 4,000 inmates, unleashing an army of hardened criminals into the civilian population of the embattled Caribbean country

The United States is considering deploying an elite Marine security team to Haiti because of a deteriorating security situation there, according to a defense official.

The Marines would be deployed at the request of the State Department, according to the defense official. Marine Corps Times asked the State Department for further details Thursday and didn’t receive a response.

“Deploying a FAST platoon is one option at the DoD’s disposal should the DoS request assistance with security at the U.S. Embassy in Port Au Prince,” Maj. Mason Englehart, a spokesman for Marine Corps Forces South, wrote in an email to Marine Corps Times on Friday.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry is struggling to stay in power as he tries to return home, where gang attacks have shuttered his country’s main international airport and freed more than 4,000 inmates in recent days.

Henry remained in Puerto Rico as of midday Wednesday. He landed in the U.S. territory on Tuesday after he was barred from landing in the neighboring Dominican Republic, where officials closed the airspace to flights to and from Haiti. <Source>

I cannot help but wonder if this is another Obama/CIA/State Department progressive communist democrat election ploy.

An oldie ... 

Bottom line...

A few questions spring to mind.

(1) Why now, especially in the middle of an election cycle?

(2)  Where did all the Haiti redevelopment and recovery money managed by Bush, Obama, and Clinton go?

(3)  Why is Haiti still a shit-hole, much like all other areas governed by progressive communist democrats and their overseas allies?

(4)  What do the State Department and CIA have up their sleeves, and will their actions lead to a mass exodus to the United States to alter the Black vote as Blacks desert the Democrats for the Republican Party?

(5) Are the progressive communist democrats targeting Florida, a key state for Republicans?

Are we mindful that: The United States is the world's top destination for Haitian migrants? The nearly 731,000 Haiti-born U.S. residents are more likely than other immigrants to be naturalized citizens, arrive through family-based pathways, and work in the service industry. Immigrants from Haiti are highly concentrated in Florida (49 percent as of the 2017-21 period), followed distantly by New York (19 percent). The next four states—Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Georgia—were home to approximately 21 percent of the Haitian immigrant population collectively. The top four counties for Haitian immigrants were Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties in Florida, and Kings County in New York. Together these counties accounted for 41 percent of Haitian immigrants in the United States.

(6) Are the progressive communist democrats creating yet another humanitarian crisis on behalf of themselves or to channel funds into the United Nations?

We are so screwed.

-- Steve


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