In their zeal to advance their radical progressive communist democrat agenda, some are attempting to co-opt and politicize science to justify their increasing taxation and authoritarianism.

Fact: To the best of our scientific knowledge of our universe, nature does not define time, and time is relative to your frame of reference in the space-time continuum. Space-time does not evolve; it simply exists. <Source>

However, duration, the apparent time between events, is measurable, albeit with some degree of referential and instrumental error.

So why do I care if a natural phenomenon like the perpetual climate changes in our evolving universe causes a slight disruption in our artificial timekeeping system? Does this natural phenomenon affect my life, or is it just another headline to raise awareness of the corrupt agenda of those seeking to manipulate our political system?

The headlines…

Here’s what the research paper says…

A global timekeeping problem postponed by global warming


The historical association of time with the rotation of Earth has meant that Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) closely follows this rotation. Because the rotation rate is not constant, UTC contains discontinuities (leap seconds), which complicates its use in computer networks. Since 1972, all UTC discontinuities have required that a leap second be added. Here we show that increased melting of ice in Greenland and Antarctica, measured by satellite gravity, has decreased the angular velocity of Earth more rapidly than before. Removing this effect from the observed angular velocity shows that since 1972, the angular velocity of the liquid core of Earth has been decreasing at a constant rate that has steadily increased the angular velocity of the rest of the Earth. Extrapolating the trends for the core and other relevant phenomena to predict future Earth orientation shows that UTC as now defined will require a negative discontinuity by 2029. This will pose an unprecedented problem for computer network timing and may require changes in UTC to be made earlier than is planned. If polar ice melting had not recently accelerated, this problem would occur 3 years earlier: global warming is already affecting global timekeeping. <Source>

[OCS: Most scientific systems use atomic clocks and not computerized clocks. Computer clocks are not only notoriously inaccurate because the frequency that makes time increase is never exactly right, but they must be re-synced with external sources to be helpful. So if scientists must adjust the master clocks periodically, it has absolutely no effect on mere mortals.]

Bottom line…

That our Earth and atomic clocks are in sync is terrific. However, nature does not care, and its processes proceed regardless of man’s intervention.

While the research is admirable and adds to man’s understanding of nature, its portrayal by the media in the tonal context of the assumed harmful nature of climate change and is little more than political propaganda.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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