The progressive communist democrats know they are full of shit when it comes to gun control restrictions designed to disarm law-abiding citizens, making you more vulnerable and dependent on government to keep you safe.

Even the idea of policing to keep you safe is a myth. Police protect regime officials and are sworn to maintain general peace and order. They have no legal duty to protect any individual not in their immediate custody and under arrest.

Moreover, common sense tells you that the police cannot be everywhere they are needed when they are required. When seconds count, minute responses are irrelevant.


In a March 3, 2024 “Face the Nation” broadcast, moderated by Margaret Brennan, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the quiet part out loud.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But I want to ask you about a criminal case that has become a political rallying point. You heard Donald Trump use this phrase, "migrant crime." A 22 year old nursing student – I know you've been following this – Laken Riley, in the state of Georgia was murdered allegedly by an undocumented Venezuelan migrant.

SECRETARY ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS: A few thoughts. First, Margaret, first and foremost, an absolute tragedy, and our hearts break for and our prayers are with the family, number one. Number two, and, importantly, as a prosecutor, having prosecuted violent crime and other crimes for 12 years, one individual is responsible for the murder, and that is the murderer.  <Source>

It’s not the gun manufacturers, sellers, or the gun that is at fault. It’s the individual who chooses to commit a crime that’s at fault. Yes, there may be mitigating factors such as psychosis, drugs, and out-of-control emotions – but it is not the gun.

And since criminals, crazies, and terrorists do not honor or obey the law, further gun control legislation is not adequate. Evidence suggests when citizens are allowed to conceal carry, individuals have second thoughts about using a weapon when those surrounding them may be similarly armed.

Bottom line...

We are so screwed if we allow the government to disarm law-abiding citizens to empower criminals, crazies, terrorists--and fascistic police in an authoritarian state.

-- Steve

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