In the stagnant arena of Republican politics, the allure of backward thinking appears increasingly seductive to the current leadership, including frontrunner Donald Trump. 

From venerating historical precedents of traditional values and a reverence for the past leadership of Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, and other conservatives who held their own against the progressive communist democrats and the establishment “go along to get along” wing of the party to bring about significant change, it appears that the GOP is fixated on the past. Especially Donald Trump and his stolen election and bogus lawsuits. 

There is a pervasive temptation to cling to the past, reacting to the egregious behavior of progressive communist democrats, which is likely to remain unaddressed as the feckless GOP lacks cojones to take bold and decisive action. Even with strong presidential leadership, a weak-kneed GOP Congress is likely to be subverted by RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) like Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio or impotent absolutists like Rand Paul and Tom McClintock.

The distraction of holding individuals accountable for their past actions…

It is unlikely that former President Barack Obama and his communist cadre of criminals, Hillary Clinton and her cadre of hoaxers, and the corrupt Joe Biden and his gaggle of grifters will ever be judged by anyone other than future historians after they are long dead. So why bother? Push forward on repopulating the bureaucracy, Congress, and the Judiciary, eliminating members as they pop up or slow-walk agenda items.

I don’t want to hear about how the Republican Party stands as a beacon of principles deeply rooted in tradition and conservative values.

I am tired of the stale rhetoric and bumper-sticker platitudes. The path to victory demands that the GOP break free from the constraints of backward thinking. While we can honor our past and uphold our values, we cannot allow nostalgia to hinder our ability to adapt and evolve. We must be willing to challenge outdated paradigms and embrace new ideas that will propel us into the future. If this means fighting dirty and using the progressive communist democrat tactics against our opponents, so be it. Hold your nose and attack.

We are unlikely to convince progressive communist democrats and most independents to join us by embracing their values. We need them to join us because they see that our values will improve their lives. We should not pander to the indeterminant gender, multi-hued hair, Twitter-loving freakazoid. crowd

Bottom line…


The time for decisive Republican action is now. Our challenges are great, but so is our capacity to overcome them. By embracing progress, rejecting backward thinking, and leading with vision and courage, we can chart a course toward a brighter future for our party, nation, and future generations.

It is time for Republicans to rise to the occasion, seize the moment, and fight with purpose and determination.

The stakes could not be higher, and the opportunity could not be greater.

Let us come together as one party, united in our commitment to building a stronger, more prosperous America, or face a communist authoritarian future.

Even James Carville, the old Democrat dinosaur and reprobate, agrees, “It’s the only election in my lifetime where it’s about yesterday, not tomorrow.”

We are so screwed.


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