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It appears that the electoral strategy of the radical progressive communist democrats who dominate California politics may have backfired, providing Californians with an unparalleled opportunity to bring reform to California’s one-party rule.

The plan was for the radical progressive communist democrat, the despicable liar, leaker, and evidence fabricator, Adam Schiff (D-Burbank), who is running to replace Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-San Francisco) seat to support the opposition Republican candidate, former Dodger first baseman Steve Garvey, to defeat his two powerful radical progressive democrat women challengers, Representative Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) and Representative Katie Porter (D-Orange County).

The thinking was simple: due to California’s overwhelming Democrat majority population, it would be a slam dunk for a Democrat with name recognition and a massive multi-million dollar campaign war chest to defeat any Republican. Avoiding, of course, a contest with like-minded women democrats, and Lee being a person of color.

Schiff draws fire for elevating Garvey in Senate race
The congressman will face a weaker opponent in November.

Adam Green, Co-Founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and a major supporter of Rep. Katie Porter, had harsh words for Rep. Adam Schiff's strategy in the California Senate race.

Adam Schiff put his own selfishness above democracy by lifting up Republican Steve Garvey, who will now turn out Trump voters in key House races that could determine control of Congress.

Katie Porter faced a barrage of negative ads from billionaires and special interests, as Adam Schiff spent millions to prop up a pro-Trump Republican. <Source>

And, therein lies the rub…

1.   There is a great deal of personal animosity between former President Donald Trump and Adam Schiff, the latter having served as the impeachment manager of Trump’s first impeachment over a democrat-fabricated Ukraine quid pro quo hoax and as the lead House impeachment manager in the Senate impeachment trial. Thus disadvantaging California in an Administration headed by Trump.

2.   In a Trump Administration and under a Trump-selected Attorney General, it would not be beyond the pale to see Adam Schiff charged with crimes relating to the destruction of official government documents, altering evidence, interference with a presidential campaign, and conspiracy to commit criminal offenses. Thus leading to Schiff’s impeachment and removal from office; depending, of course, on which party holds the majority in the House and Senate.

3.   Should California Governor Gruesome Gavin Newsom replace Biden on the Democrat ticket and lose to Trump, federal funds, including economic incentives, might be diverted elsewhere, leaving California to twist slowly in the wind.

4.   Therefore, the election of Steve Garvey represents a lifetime opportunity for a majority of fed-up, disadvantaged Californians to push back against the radical progressive communist democrat uni-party that has crippled California’s Golden Goose.

Bottom line…


If you are pissed about illegal immigration, inflation, declining healthcare, and schools that turn out another generation of function illiterates, electing Donald Trump and Steve Garvey is a beautiful beginning.

“We the People” are tired of being screwed by the bi-costal elites who are insulated by their wealth and political influence against the consequences of their communist behavior—time to deal with a fresh deck.

Remember, the actual threat to democracy is not Americans but the Democrat Party.

Gop-CHANGE-- Steve

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