As far as I can tell, Tucker Carlson’s only crime in interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin is that he upset the Administration’s narrative regarding the necessity for Ukraine to continue with a fruitless war and the necessity of receiving additional billions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer funds, much of which flows into the coffers of the U.S. Military-Industrial complex.

Carlson’s post-interview conclusions support the need for a planned end to the war between Ukraine and Russia, with Russia retaining control over Crimea and Ukraine’s Donbas region, questioning whether Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy can sell a very costly peace to his people after the loss of a significant portion of his population of young men, and the widespread destruction of the country.

Considering that the United States precipitated the conflict in 2014 with the Maidan Revolution, which removed a Russian puppet governor and taunted Russia with Ukraine’s potential membership in NATO, I wonder if the current Obama/Biden Administration will pursue peace or will defer to the next Administration.

Ironically, Tucker Carlson chose the 2024 World Governments Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as his first forum to discuss/defend his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin 

Carlson’s interview with Egyptian media mogul, investor, political TV presenter, and journalist Emad el-Din Adeeb portrayed America in decline, with cities that lag far beyond other world centers and an America with naïve and infantile government leadership.

The Summit, whose theme is “Shaping Future Governments.” is the Arab equivalent of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, where the wealthy, powerful, and politically connected individuals and leaders engage in “see and be seen” events to further their particular interests.

Anyone familiar with modern Dubai knows it is a monarchy founded on the Ruler’s belief that economic development and a relatively tolerant society were the keys to his survival in a hot hell-hole of a desert. It is one of the safest Middle Eastern cities for business people and tourists due to its stricter laws and harsh punishment of criminals. It is understood that the Ruler gets his share of the proceeds and has a modern tax collection and surveillance system.

Many individuals like the authoritarian government, and wish the system could be imported into the United States with its more favorable climate and abundant natural resources.

However, while Dubai’s authoritarian system has facilitated rapid development and modernization, it’s debatable whether such progress could be replicated in the United States, which thrives on innovation, creativity, and individual initiative. Like many authoritarian systems, entrenched businesses can discourage creative destruction and risk-taking, essential components of a vibrant nation. Not to mention the pandering to a permanent underclass, including criminals.

Carlson, a “Preppie” at any age…

Although portrayed as a “conservative” television host, political commentator, and journalist known for his sharp wit, provocative opinions, and confrontational interviewing style, he appears to be an elite grown-up liberal preppie whose values derive from his rather detached outlook. It is well-known that he is dyslexic and does not actively participate on social media platforms or other online forums.

Bottom line…

Leave Tucker Carlson alone and condemn those journalists who have ceased to be professionals and who appear to be fabulists rather than fact-gatherers—elevating narrative over news for their self-interests.

We are so screwed when members of the so-called press are no longer willing to speak truth to power.

-- Steve

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