Once again, a progressive communist democrat liar, leaker, perjurer, and evidence fabricator Adam Schiff is running for high office--this time as California's junior senator.

There is no doubt that he was a disaster in the House of Representatives as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's favorite stooge who stage-managed the phony impeachments of President Donald Trump.

Here is what this shit-weasel had to say...  

Simply put, Steve Garvey is way too conservative for California.

[OCS: Precisely what we need in California to turn the tide of communism.]

He voted for Trump. Twice. And on the debate stage last month, it was clear he may support him again. Even after he incited an insurrection.

[OCS: Trump has done more for this nation as the president than the mush-headed Obama sock puppet who is being manipulated by a cadre of Obama's acolytes.]

He’s also supported far-right conservatives who are trying to take away our rights and freedoms – including the right to an abortion.

[OCS: Pure projection: It is the progressive communist democrats who are destroying our freedoms in California with the absurd, nonsencical rules that rely on politics, not science.]

He called me a liar in the debate and then again on Fox News because of my work to hold Donald Trump accountable for his crimes.

[OCS: Schiff is a proven liar and the crimes he mentions are ginned-up by Schiff and his cadre of progressive communist democrats.]

Stephen, Steve Garvey doesn't share California values.

[OCS: Right! Steve Garvey does not share California's current single-party communist views and is running to restore decency and prosperity to California.]

I’m running for Senate to secure more funding for affordable housing, to fight for access to health care and lower prescription drug costs, and to continue defending our democracy from those trying to dismantle our institutions.

[OCS: Mostly to divert California's taxpayer resources to illegal aliens who are sucking our healthcare, educational, and crime-fighting resources dry.]

Republicans are preparing to turn out in massive numbers for California’s GOP presidential primary on the same day as my election — and they are likely to give Garvey a strong showing.

[OCS: The fight is over easily-manipulated mail-in ballot vote harvesting, not turn out on election day.]

With your help, however, we can turn out more Democrats and keep our campaign moving forward.

[OCS: Moving forward toward California Communism.]

Thank you,


Bottom line...

By his own admission, Adam Schiff has contributed to the invasion of California by illegal aliens and the continuing decay of our infrastructure and institutions that created this formerly Golden State. 

The world was on fire, and yet, Adam Shiff, as the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, spent most of his time pursuing, prosecuting, and persecuting President Trump based on a Hillary Clinton Hoax.

It is time for a more common sense conservative approach that will retard the progressive communist democrat agenda and restore some semblance of decency in this state. No more attacks on the middle class while celebrating criminals.

A vote for Adam Schiff is a vote for communism and one-party rule in the United States.

Remember, Schiff lives in Maryland full-time, not in California he purports to represent. 


We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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