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At a time when the human rights and checks and balance protections built into the U.S. Constitution are being ignored by the progressive communist democrats, they have the temerity to suggest that Franklin Delano Roosevelt (#2), Barack Obama (#7), and Joseph Biden (#14) are presidents of note, even though they have fundamentally transformed America in unhealthy un-American ways., including the destruction of systemically important institutions.

The 2024 “Presidential Greatness Project Expert Survey” ranking of presidential greatness, from President George Washington to Joe Biden, finds that former President Donald J. Trump ranks dead last (10.92). 

What else would you expect from an “echo chamber” of academics existing in an environment overpopulated with progressive communist democrats?

Likewise, as expected, we find the top ratings being awarded to Abraham Lincoln (95.03 average), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (90.83), George Washington (90.32), Teddy Roosevelt (78.58), Thomas Jefferson (77.53), Harry Truman (75.34), Barack Obama (73.8), and Dwight Eisenhower (73.73).

The rating scale of 0-100 for overall presidential greatness ranged from 0=failure, 50=average, and 100=great.

By their own words, “There are also several presidents where partisan polarization is evident – Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Obama, and Biden – but interestingly not for Bill Clinton,” they make a mockery of their findings.

But President Joe Biden’s #14 rating (62.66) is the final nail in the coffin.

Putting aside the fact that Biden’s presidential record is incomplete, one wonders how anyone, let alone a group of experts, rates a corrupt, mush-headed, congenital liar whose foreign policy prescriptions have overwhelmingly been on the wrong side of history so highly.

By their words, ye shall know them…


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Centennial Center Project Grant Recipients 

  • The Collaborative Study of Race in the Americas: Team Building in the 21st Century , KC Morrison, David Covin
  • The Collaborative Multi-Racial Post Election Survey , Lorrie Frasure, Matt Barreto, Edward Vargas, and Janelle Wong.
  • #MeTooPoliSci: Addressing Gender Discrimination in Political Science , Nadia Brown, Rebecca Gill, Jennifer Merolla, Melissa Michelson, Elizabeth Sharrow, Patricia Stapleton, Dara Strolovitch


Bottom line…

This online survey is bullshit and would have been more appropriately presented on April 1, 2024 – April Fools’ Day.

This academic association’s inherent and apparent political bias stems from various factors, including the composition of its membership and the prevailing ideologies within the academic discipline it purports to represent. Perhaps we should examine the leadership of the American Political Science Association, which claims it is the “foremost organization of social science experts in presidential politics,” including the board of directors and executive committee who may hold certain political leanings that shape the direction of the organization and its activities.

According to the survey results, 525 respondents were invited to participate, and 154 usable responses were received, yielding a 29.3% response rate. This suggests only the most motivated and possibly the most biased and engaged individuals were likely to respond.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

The 2024 Presidential Greatness Project Expert Survey was conducted online via Qualtrics from November 15 to December 31, 2023. Respondents included current and recent members of the Presidents & Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association, which is the foremost organization of social science experts in presidential politics, as well as scholars who had recently published peer-reviewed academic research in key related scholarly journals or academic presses.

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