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There is no doubt in my mind that President Biden is a corrupt, mentally compromised egomaniac who is being manipulated by former anti-Semitic, anti-White, and anti-America President Obama and his acolytes.

Undoubtedly, Biden is not fit for office, but that does not stop the Biden Administration puppet masters from trying to secure Michigan’s electoral votes – even if it means pandering to Jew-hating, terrorist-supporting Muslims in Dearbornistan.

Author and Journalist John Nolte nails Biden…


Nolte: Biden Desperate to Appease Michigan Arabs Who Hate Israel

His Fraudulency Joe Biden is losing a crucial part of the Arab vote in Michigan, and if Biden loses Michigan, he will almost certainly lose his reelection bid.

“Since October 7, many Arab Americans in Michigan have become increasingly furious with Mr. Biden over his support for Israel and have vowed not to vote for him again,” reports the National. “The situation could prove consequential for Mr Biden in the battleground state he narrowly won last time.”

The story goes on to report that Biden is so concerned about losing Dearborn’s Arab vote that he sent “senior administration officials last week to meet elected officials and local leaders to try to win voters back.”

Dearborn and “the wider Wayne County area is also home to the highest concentration of Arabs and people of Arab descent in the US, earning it the nickname ‘the Capital of Arab America.'”

In one case, Biden himself spent 20 minutes on the phone with one guy trying to explain himself:

In the expected 2024 rematch between former President Trump and Hunter’s Dad, Trump is thumping Biden by 5.1 points in the Real Clear Politics average poll of Michigan polls. This is quite the turnaround. Throughout all of 2020, Trump never once led in Michigan. In fact, Trump never came closer than three points down.

Not to mix my metaphors, but this is Karma; this is what happens when you do business with the Devil… And no, I am in no way claiming all Arabs are devils. Far from it. Biden and the Democrat Party climbed into bed with all of America’s antisemites — and that includes a whole load of white, overprivileged college kids and academics.

And rather than rebuke these modern-day Third Reichers, Democrats like Biden and former President Obama shame themselves by welcoming them into the tent with a whole bunch of stupid American Jews.

But now the Devil has come for his due. Biden has no choice but to support Israel. The obscenities of October 7 left no gray area to hide behind. Even a number of stupid American Jews see that now, which puts Biden and the Democrats in a bind that only the unprincipled face: Abandoning Israel to genocidal maniacs will cost me votes! Doing the right thing will cost me votes! What do I do!?!?

All Biden can do is leak about how much he hates Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, pander to the Jew-haters, and complain how Israel might be going too far. Thankfully, that appeases no one. That approach only exposes Biden for what he is: a craven and unprincipled hack who would nuke Israel if it won him a second term. <Source>

Bottom line…


Former President and anti-Semite Jimmy Carter, the father of America-hating Islamo-fascism, can rest easy as he is no longer considered the worst president in modern history—that accolade goes to Joe Biden, followed by Barack Obama—both anti-Semite racists who have sold out our country to its enemies for thirty pieces of silver.

No matter how much certain American Jews ignore Israel and the Jewish people or wish they were something else, they are descendants of the ancient Israelite ethnic group. To stand idly by and watch the progressive communist democrats abandon Israel and its fight for decency and Western culture is to forfeit your humanity.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve


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