The commentariats are speculating on Trump’s Vice Presidential pick to win the general election. However, a much darker scenario must be discussed.

If Trump picks Haley as VP, he clinches the election, says pollster Mark Penn

Pollster Mark Penn predicted that if former President Donald Trump chooses fellow Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley to be his vice president, he would lock up the election.

Mr. Penn, publisher of the Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, told Politico that Mr. Trump would do well to overcome his disdain for his former U.S. ambassador.

“Trump has a problem, which is the Nikki Haley voter. …A large percentage of them are never Trump,” he said. “Does Trump have a way of consolidating them? It seems to me that Trump almost has to pick her as vice president. … He could do her, or he could do Tim Scott.”

Mr. Penn said the former South Carolina governor would help him get votes from Republican women, “and that would be the end of the election.”  <Source>

The conspiracy theorists have another viewpoint…

There is little doubt that our premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been deeply and thoroughly corrupted by politics and deep state machinations on behalf of shadowy oligarchs and multinational interests.

There is also substantial evidence that candidate Nikki Haley is an “empty skirt” politician willing to say or do anything to gain power—even to the extent of representing globalists and the military-industrial complex.

So the question arises: if former President Donald Trump were to select Nikki Haley as his running mate and become the President of the United States, would he encounter a President John Kennedy scenario, leaving the establishment’s choice of President holding the levers of power?

Alternatively, if the scenario is advanced, could the Nikki Haley factor sway the election against a Trump victor?

Is the threat to Donald Trump's life credible...

According to Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service Agent on the presidential protection detail for Obama and Bush, former NYPD officer, media celebrity, and New York Times...


Also according to Bongino, there may be something very wrong with the Secret Service, especially in regard to a potential coverup of a January 6 diversionary plot involving a pipe bomb located at the DNC at the time Kamala Harris was present. Bongino notes that former President Trump's Secret Service detail, managed by the White House, may be inadequate given the ongoing animosity ginned up by the Democrats and their media propagandists.

Bottom line…

We live in difficult and dangerous times, and black swan events, whether planned or by happenstance, can disrupt planned international and national activities.

We are so screwed.

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