Once again, making sense of open borders is easy once you get past the progressive communist democrat’s demonization of “replacement theory” as a right-wing conspiracy theory.

1. States and municipalities governed by progressive communist democrats are in rapid decline with dysfunctional leadership, eroding tax base, crime, disease, and crumbling infrastructure.

2. Individuals and organizations with the means to leave these areas are transitioning to regions with more favorable business environments, jobs, lower taxes, and a reduced cost of living.

3. With reduced populations, the political impact is disastrous for the progressive communist democrat party. Fewer individuals equate to fewer districts, which translates into reduced influence in the House of Representatives and the number of presidential electors needed to elect a president in the Electoral College.

4. With these population shifts, the progressive communist democrats must backfill their districts with individuals who will vote Democrat. Hence, the progressive communist democrat’s open border policy.

So before any fool screams that this is a right-wing conspiracy theory, let us consider the words of Representative Yvette Clarke (D-NY), who says the quiet part out loud.

I’m from Brooklyn, New York.  We have a diaspora that can absorb a significant number of these migrants. “And when I hear colleagues talk about the doors of the inn being closed, no room at the inn, I’m saying I need more people in my district just for redistricting purposes. And those members could clearly fit here.”

But the reality in Brooklyn is somewhat different.

Families staying at the Floyd Bennett Field shelter at the edge of Brooklyn are showing up at homes four miles away in the Marine Park neighborhood, seeking food, clothes and funds — spurring both online vitriol and real-world help.

Residents are sharing anecdotes and images on Nextdoor and Facebook groups, describing migrant families begging for change near the Kings Plaza Mall, the nearest commercial hub to the shelter, where city buses drop off and pick migrants up. Other residents have described them going door-to-door on residential streets asking for clothing, food or money.

Some, like David Fitzgerald, 62, an Irish immigrant who’s lived for the past two decades in Marine Park, are outraged. He said groups of families had knocked on his door several times over the past few weeks.

We had a nice, close, neighborhood group of people, now we have a literal invasion of people knocking on doors begging, asking for money,” he said. One of the fathers used an app on his phone to translate into English that he was Venezuelan and he needed money and clothing.

There’s a lot of retired people here, a lot of families here. They’re at the stage of their lives where they like peace and quiet. This is the opposite,” he said. “We’re not liking what we see.” <Source>


It is hard to ignore another human being in desperate need of assistance, especially one standing before you with children in tow.

But, when facing an angry, disaffected horde of illegal aliens who knowingly crossed the border after being incentivized with the promise of government assistance, a horde that is rapidly depleting safety needs, medical services, and educational facilities meant for and paid for by American citizens, that is a very different proposition.

We have an immigration system in place, albeit one broken by political meddling. But we do have a system. Do not tell me that an asylum-seeker who has crossed the borders of non-threatening countries is still in imminent danger. Do not tell me that the countries these migrants cross are not complicit in their transit. And do not tell me that our federal government, foundations, and other non-governmental organizations are not part of the transit scheme.

Bottom line…

The Biden Administration’s open borders policy, run by former President Obama’s acolytes, is destroying our national sovereignty, compromising our national safety and security, depleting our local, state, and federal safety nets, providing capital goods, and services to non-citizens at the expense of citizens, and changing our culture of exceptionalism into something unrecognizable.

We are facing a clear and present danger from the progressive communist democrats and their fellow travelers in the Republican Party.

If we do nothing, our nation will be lost, not tomorrow, but in twenty or so years, if not sooner.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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