I do not doubt that we are living in dark times—an era when a confluence of slow-moving events threatens to overtake and fundamentally transform our nation. 

We have learned that some suspected truths about our premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies may be true. That the leadership has been politically corrupted and that the underlying bureaucracy may consist of incompetents and those acting in their own self-interest. These agencies now appear capable of heinous actions, erasing evidence of their wrongdoing or at least diffusing the blame to prevent accountability. From assassinating a president (Kennedy), staging public relations events that have gone horribly wrong (Waco, Ruby Ridge), and entrapping citizens in nefarious activities to enhance their reputations and funding, it appears what was previously dismissed as conspiracies might not only be accurate, but worse than imagined.

Even worse, our watchdog, the mainstream media that professes to speak truth to power, has been captured by that power and now serves a dual purpose as its protectors and propagandists.

Look around…


We are surrounded by evil government actors colluding with technology corporations and the military-industrial complex to engage in perpetual conflicts that generate outrageous fortunes for war profiteers. Consider the $150 billion that has unaccountably disappeared in Ukraine. What most Americans do not know is that much of that money was flowing to American firms that sold overpriced goods and services to Ukraine. A direct attack on the U.S. Treasury, or should I say, the government’s printing presses. In reality, imposing the hidden tax of inflation on the American consumer that taxes everyone, from the poor to the rich.

And, if you look closely, it was a conflict started not by Russia but by the United States. It was a joint product of the CIA, Department of State, the Obama White House, and the corruptocrats in Washington, D.C. Spearheaded by such evildoers as Victoria Nuland, a Bush-Cheney neocon, now the Acting United States Deputy Secretary of State, who appears to be knee-deep in the 2014 Maidan Color Revolution that saw the overthrow of Putin’s Ukrainian puppet, then President Viktor Yanukovych, and the installation of President Petro Poroshenko, and followed by Volodymyr Zelenskyy. All profoundly corrupt and in bed with Western interests. All Russian President Putin asked was that Ukraine not become involved with NATO, which he regarded as Cuba-like encroachment, and that certain areas filled with ethnic Russians be allowed to rejoin Russia. Needless thousands of men, women, and children have been murdered, maimed, or have become penniless refugees as an unnecessary battle raged between governments.

Was the Hamas attack greenlighted in the White House?

Many are beginning to believe that the so-called “failure” of Israel’s storied intelligence operations that resulted in the October 7 terrorist attack may have involved the White House seeking a diversion from the electoral woes faced by the Democrats and the failure of their foreign and domestic policies, with pretty much the same cadre of Obamacons who attacked Benjamin Netanyahu and demanded a two-state solution that would keep Israel on perpetual military alert. Some suggest that indications of a pending attack were suppressed or slow-walked through the system. This is not an outrageous consideration given the Obamacon-led White House’s demands for Israel to scale back its attack on Gaza and withdraw from the area.

Bottom line…

Usually, I point to former President Barack Obama and his cadre of progressive communist democrats as the root of the majority of government evil. Of course, they are acting in concert with the Bush-Cheney neo-cons who have brought us endless wars and who make up the establishment wing of the Republican Party.

That is pretty much why I fear neo-con Nikki Haley and those she might appoint to office, including Bushie Republican turncoats.

It appears that the only solution to stop America’s slide into authoritarianism is to elect Donald Trump in 2024. I even have doubts about Ron DeSantis, who may turn towards globalism.

We are beyond being screwed; we stand totally fucked at the present time.

-- Steve

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