Yesterday, President Joe Biden signed another continuing resolution to fund the government through March, averting a weekend government shutdown.

Why was a continuing resolution necessary? Moreover, why a third stop-gap continuing resolution instead of the full FY24 budget? Are the dumb bastards in Congress unable to read a calendar? Alternatively, are they playing chicken with each other in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election?

And what about the Republican Party, which routinely promises fiscal responsibility, including a commitment to reducing our national debt, maintaining a stable currency, and eliminating misuse of funds or resources through waste, fraud, and abuse?

Folks, it’s all bullshit! Both political parties are guilty, as are all politicians.


The system has become institutionally corrupt!

As long as we have professional politicians running for office rather than principled individuals attempting to make this nation and their community better, we will see the system corrupted by politicians pandering to the unions, corporations, and other favor-seeking special interests that fund political campaigns, increase name recognition, and provide voter support—measuring their state and district effectiveness by the amount of federal funds they bring back into their state or district during the budgetary process.

In this reality, spending can only increase—which explains why fiscal restraint is next to impossible.

Bottom line…

It has been said that the greatest disaster that can befall a nation is that a politician is not elected to the office they seek or reelected to the office they currently hold.

However corrupt the political parties might be, one party, the progressive communist democrats, is seeking to destroy America from within and to replace capitalism with communism.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve


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