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The despicable liar, leaker, evidence manipulator, and progressive communist democrat Representative Adam Schiff is running to become California’s junior Senator. Schiff faces a field of twenty-six candidates, including prominent Democrats, Representatives Katie Porter and Barbara Lee, and Republican and former Los Angeles Dodger Steve Garvey.

California does not need a contemptible, obnoxious asshole like Adam Schiff or a communist sympathizer like Barbara Lee to represent Californians in the Senate. Schiff lives in Maryland year-round and only maintains a small condo in downtown Burbank, California, to prove residency.


Rep. Barbara Lee Kicked Out of Committee Hearing for Spouting’ Communist Propaganda’

It was a routine meeting of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Chairwoman Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) was conducting a hearing on U.S. relations with Cuba when Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) interrupted the hearing to speak about her desire for the U.S. to reestablish relations with the island nation.

Salazar was having none of it. Lee is not a member of the Committee, and according to long-standing House rules, there would have to be a unanimous vote of Committee members to allow her to speak.

Today, I exercised my authority as Subcommittee Chairwoman to not allow an off-Committee Member to spread communist propaganda during my Cuba hearing,” Salazar wrote. “Members are not entitled to join any Committee proceedings without full consent of the Committee Members.”

“Barbara Lee tried to disrupt an important discussion about the Biden Administration’s lenient policies toward the Cuban regime,” Salazar continued. “Barbara Lee is a communist sympathizer who was a personal friend to Fidel Castro, has visited Cuba 21 times, and has been a mouthpiece for the Cuban Regime since 1977.”

A typical Democrat, Lee whined about having her viewpoint suppressed.

“She’s trying to silence me,” Lee said. “And what her move was today demonstrated [is] that she really doesn’t believe in democracy. She believes in only her point of view; she does not believe in the inclusion of different points of view when we talk about Cuban policy.”

As she was being asked to leave, Lee criticized Rep. Salazar for perpetuating the same authoritarian policies she criticized the Cuban government for. “I am an African American woman with a point of view,” said Rep. Lee. “We’re in a democracy those points of views are allowed. And you are doing exactly what you say the Cuban government is.”

[OCS: No surprise that racist Barbara Lee is playing the race card whenever she doesn’t get her way.]

Things went even further on social media. Rep. Salazar called the political veteran a “communist sympathizer” and accused her of being friends with Fidel Castro. Rep. Salazar also said that since Rep. Lee was not a member of the committee she had a right to kick her out for her “disruption.”

Lee was trying to advocate for a bill to help the Cuban private sector. The only problem, according to Cuban democracy advocates, is that a private sector in Cuba doesn’t exist. It’s a regime ploy.

It seems a little strange that Lee would try to crash the committee hearing at almost the same time that the Cuban regime began a media campaign in favor of what Lee was advocating. <Source>

Always the race card...

Barbara Lee Makes Wild Claim About Man Denying Her Entry Into Capitol Elevator and People Have Questions

On Thursday, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) appeared on CNN and was asked about Haley's remarks. 

After talking about what she called "institutional" and "systemic racism" in America, Lee told a story of something she says happened to her when she tried to enter the "members only" elevator in the Capitol building:

She went on to share a personal story about how she faced racism in the halls of Congress, when a white man stopped her from entering a members-only elevator as she was on her way to vote. At the time, Lee said, she was wearing her member’s pin, which identified her as a member of Congress. 

“He blocked me from getting into the elevator and told me I was not a member of Congress and it was for members only,” Lee said. “I said, ‘Sir, I’m a member of Congress.’ And I showed him my pin and he said, ‘Whose pin did you steal?’ This is an example of what personal racism is and how people of color constantly have to deal with this each and every day.”


Bottom line…

I support former Los Angeles Dodger Steve Garvey, a decent man who promises to do right by California and, most importantly, our faltering nation.

We are so screwed--more so by the Obama/Biden Administration, which promised to “fundamentally transform” our nation and is well on its way to destroying America from within.

Remember, the feckless Republicans may not solve all of our problems, but they are infinitely better than the progressive communist democrats who caused them.

-- Steve


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