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There is no doubt in my mind that the progressive communist democrats will take any advantage, real, imagined, or manufactured, to advance their toxic agenda.

So why should anybody be surprised that the Democrats will take advantage of the rift between the constitutional conservatives and the establishment “business as usual” wing in the Republican Party as typified by the Bushes, Romneys, and others who are willing to jump the aisle as long as they get something from the deal? RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) view politics as a business, not a sacred duty to preserve and protect the Constitution and our nation.

So why the progressive communist democrat’s interest in Nikki Haley?

Primarily because she is a tool—a wedge if you will, that can peel away the voters who are uncomfortable with a Trump candidacy, especially independents and disaffected democrats who are watching their party dig deep into communism—now rebranded as DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion).

DEI further institutionalizes racism by taking from one class of individuals and giving it to another class of individuals. The communist part they don’t say aloud is, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

In essence, the elimination of individual freedoms and property rights with the state as the ultimate arbiter of distribution of goods, capital, and services. And, of course, the state is centrally planned and administered by a cadre of elite experts—who eventually become so corrupt as to spark another revolution. The progressive communist democrats believe the people are too stupid to realize that the end point of communism is always tyrannical dictatorships, whereas the end point of capitalism is more capitalism.

Can Trump be suckered into promoting Nikki Haley?

Trump is both transactional and egocentric. Suppose a trusted advisor or the mainstream media were to suggest Nikki Haley was the smart move—4th-dimensional chess—to capture independents and disaffected democrats. In that case, Trump may avoid attacking Haley and, thus, boost her primary chances over DeSantis, a well-qualified candidate with experience and an actual record of accomplishment.

Many in the Democrat Party believe that a Trump-Haley ticket is beatable, even with a desiccated, senile, and corrupt Biden, especially by candidate X, who will be named after Biden drops out after receiving the nomination.

Obama is vulnerable…

Top Obama Aide Tells Liberals To Sabotage Trump’s Election Chances

According to former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, if liberal voters decide to support Nikki Haley during the GOP primary elections, they could potentially hinder the chances of former President Donald Trump winning in November.

While some voters may find the idea of intentionally voting for Haley distasteful, Plouffe suggested that for those “up for it,” casting a strategic vote could be a good move. He believes that a primary win for Haley in New Hampshire, or at least a transition to a two-person race, could take advantage of the “healthy number of Republicans” who are open to an alternative to Trump.

Plouffe argued that if Haley can win the primary in New Hampshire “or at least get it down to a two-person race,” then she can take advantage of the “healthy number of Republicans” who are “open to an alternative” despite Trump being the “dominant favorite.” <Source>

"The System Is Not Going To Let Trump Win" - Dems' Real Puppet Isn't Gavin, It's Nikki:

With establishment favorite Nikki Haley overtaking long-time runner-up Ron DeSantis in the latest polls, the mainstream media is going wild about the chances of the woman-warmonger toppling Trump somehow.

However, Trump's massive lead is not stopping the deep state from doing everything it can to promote Haley, and that prompted Vivek Ramaswamy and Tucker Carlson to expose some reality behind her sudden success.

Tucker starts by pointing out the dilemma Democratic megadonors face with Joe Biden's declining popularity and Kamala Harris's unpopularity, suggesting that these donors might be attempting to subvert the Republican Party by backing a candidate like Nikki Haley.

Strip away all the outward characteristics, and Nikki Haley is identical in her priorities to Joe Biden and the people who back Joe Biden,” Carlson said.

Haley, whose campaign raised $24 million between October and December, has received recent major endorsements from New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu and Americans for Prosperity Action, which is backed by billionaire Charles Koch.

Mr. Carlson then shared a video of Ms. Haley during a town hall in Davenport, Iowa, in October.

During the campaign event, the former South Carolina governor claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind the Hamas incursion of Israel on Oct. 7 and that Russian intelligence had helped aid the attack, which had simultaneously taken attention off the ongoing Russia–Ukraine conflict.

[OCS: And almost every sentient being thought it was Iran that influenced the Hamas attack on Israel. Between Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham, the U.S, is going to war with someone—and the military-industrial-intelligence complex plunders the nation anew.]

Tech entrepreneur Ramaswamy then weighed in on Tucker's claims, concurring with the former Fox host that Ms. Haley is a “puppet” for the Democratic Party, and branding her a “Trojan horse.”

“I think the true puppet masters, the thing about them, is they’re fundamentally nonpartisan in nature,” the businessman said.

There are a few things they care about: Keeping the foreign war machine humming is high on the list. Keeping the administrative state’s control of the United States is also high on the list. They found a much more convenient puppet within the Republican Party itself.”

"They have their core objectives, and Nikki makes for a far better Trojan horse to actually accomplish that objective than anybody else." <Source>

Former President Barack Obama and members of the Administration are highly vulnerable to the consequences of the 2024 election. Since so much of the corruption and criminality happened during Obama’s watch, either with his explicit or tacit approval, GOP members can use the new Democrat-devised rules and precedents used to persecute and prosecute Donald Trump to attack the Obamacons who racialized and radicalized America. Especially those directly involved in the various Obama-era scandals, hoaxes, and corruption.

Funniest thing I saw...

“Tell me you’re weaving a yarn without telling me you’re totally full of it. This woman is the fakest con job since Liz Warren declared herself Native American for DEI points. She makes Lady Gaga’s plastic face look all-natural.” <Source>

Bottom line…

There is no doubt in my mind that Haley is a "Democrat in Disguise," willing to say or do anything to achieve power. A Bush-era, Lindsey Graham neocon who is eager to start a war but reluctant to control the technology oligarchs who are eroding our freedoms and promoting a Communist Chinese-style surveillance state. A creature bowing to the mob, multiculturalism, political correctness, and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Like most neo-cons, Nikki Haley continues to claim that illegal aliens who jump the border do so to become patriotic Americans, which is not true-- they come for the money. Their allegiance is to their country of origin. 

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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