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In 2024, Ford announced they would drastically cut the production of its “best-selling” EV, the F-150 Lightning, from 3,200 to 1,600 trucks per week at the company’s flagship plant in Dearborn, Michigan.

Once again, the progressive communist democrats, with their Marxist ideology and central planning, have loaded car dealers with unwanted vehicles. The end result is that production lines are idled, and employees are furloughed or laid off. The progressive auto unions are complicit in this tragedy as they refuse to push back against the politicians who greenlight their continuing wage hikes without corresponding increases in production--the road to ruin.

What we have found.

  • Electric vehicles have limited range, consume excessive recharge time, do not like extreme cold or heat, and can potentially create catastrophic fires and accidents.

  • To meet fuel efficiency standards, cars are lighter and more vulnerable to crashes with larger vehicles, which seems to be the current rage.

  • Wind turbines are not reliable sources of energy, cannot be easily maintained, and are an ecological disaster when decommissioned.

  • The generous, taxpayer-funded rebates and subsidies that fund the so-called “green revolution” are killing the economy and the consumer’s purchasing power.

Bottom line…


Only a fool believes that electricity that powers your air-conditioning harms the planet while electricity that recharges your Tesla is eco-friendly.

Democracy is being destroyed by those ideologues who pretend their prescriptions will “save the planet” when the truth is that they cannot even clean up their cities or repair or replace their crumbling infrastructure.

We are so screwed when you ignore common sense and do not vote your wallet.

-- Steve

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