I don’t know about you, but I find the baby-grifter Donald Trump Jr. and his social-climbing wife Kimberly Guilfoyle (aka the ex-Mrs. Gavin Newsom) to be more disingenuous and annoying than simpering Prince Harry and his odious wife, Meghan Markle.

Particularly annoying was Junior’s proclamation that he “would go to great lengths to make sure’ Ms. Haley is not tapped as VP.” It is annoying because, like his father, Junior has a horrible record of choosing business associates and businesses with which to associate. He is loud, brash, and without personal accomplishment that wasn’t facilitated by his name. 

While I am sure he would be a fun guy on a Safari, there is no way I would trust his judgment regarding politics or business. Here is a guy who was born halfway between third base and home, and when he manages to cross home plate, he takes credit for the team’s victory.

Junior does not have the influence of Ivanka or the day-to-day responsibilities of Eric, which says a lot about his relationship with his father.

Donald Trump Jr. Says He’d Go to ‘Great Lengths’ to Stop Haley as VP Pick

‘I would go to great lengths to make sure’ Ms. Haley is not tapped as VP, the former president’s son said.

Donald Trump Jr. has expressed strong opposition to the prospect of Nikki Haley being tapped as his father’s running mate in the 2024 presidential election, pledging to go to “great lengths” to prevent it.

In a recent interview, Mr. Trump Jr. declared that he “wouldn’t have her” as the vice presidential candidate alongside his father, former President Donald Trump, should he secure the GOP nomination next year.

“I would go to great lengths to make sure that doesn’t happen,” the former president’s son told Newsmax on Dec. 25.

The statement came after the outlet played video footage of Ms. Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and a GOP presidential candidate, making critical comments about President Trump during an interview with ABC News Live Prime anchor Linsey Davis earlier in the month.

“I don’t think he should be president,” said Ms. Haley, who expressed concerns about the state of the country and the world, saying, “Donald Trump brings us chaos.”

In response to the footage, Mr. Trump Jr. dismissed Ms. Haley’s candidacy, accusing her of being a “puppet” of the Washington establishment. <Source>

While I believe that Nikki Haley is a tough-talking marshmallow representing the Jeb Bush wing of the GOP establishment and do not consider her a viable presidential candidate, who is this jumped-up putz to say “he ‘wouldn’t have her’ as the vice presidential candidate alongside his father.” It’s not his decision; his personnel recommendations have all been duds.

It is even more annoying as his wife parades about seeking affirmation as an important person.

Bottom line…

I wish Junior and his wife would join James Carville in some dark back room where we do not have to listen to their bullpucky. At least Carville is interesting and does not display daddy issues.

Truth be told, Don Jr. is a cleaner version of Hunter Biden when it comes to exploiting the family name. 

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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