Suppose the progressive communist democrats and Hamas sympathizers in the Biden Administration and their media propaganda arm have their way. In that case, it appears that Hamas’s planners and fighters will not be held accountable for the 1,200 innocent Israeli citizens killed in the October 7 terrorist attack – and will be rewarded with billions of dollars in so-called humanitarian aid.

Why is the Biden Administration not demanding the unconditional surrender of Hamas terrorists and the release of all hostages? Because it might hurt Iran’s feelings or, more likely, upset the anti-Semites in the Democrat Party who are critical for the 2024 election?

Has anyone noticed that those protesting Israel and demanding a cease-fire are organized agitators and activists? Has anyone else noticed that most of these folks are the same progressive communist democrat shock troops like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other Marxist/Communist organizations? Or actual terrorist-supporting organizations like CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations), Students for Justice in Palestine. and the  Palestine Solidarity Committee?

Has anyone noticed that it was Hamas that broke the previous cease-fire with a rocket barrage and terrorist attack on October 7 when they could not produce additional hostages because they feared the horrific stories of murder, mutilation, and gang rape they would tell?

Why is Israel disproportionately responsible for the Gazans and their terrorist government?

Bottom line…

Israel is at war with Arab terrorists.

Good is at war with evil.

And “We the People” are close to war with both the progressive communist democrats and their feckless GOP friends.

Is it any wonder the progressive communist democrats want to disarm law-abiding citizens and defeat former President Donald Trump at any cost? Calling Trump "Hitler" when he has an unparalleled record of supporting Israel and some of his family members are Orthodox Jews.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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