With the country in a deep fiscal crisis, burdened with geometrically expanding debt, the Republican Party, allegedly the bastion of fiscal prudence, takes out a $110,000 loan to pay actor Jim Caviezel to be their keynote speaker.

According to published reports

Mutiny Erupts in a Michigan G.O.P. Overtaken by Chaos

The Michigan Republican Party’s revered two-day policy and politics gathering, the Mackinac Island Republican Leadership Conference, was an utter mess.

Attendance had plummeted. Top-tier presidential candidates skipped the September event, and some speakers didn’t show. Guests were baffled by a scoring system that rated their ideology on a scale, from a true conservative to a so-called RINO, or Republican in name only.

And the state party, already deeply in debt, had taken out a $110,000 loan to pay the keynote speaker, Jim Caviezel, an actor who has built an ardent following among the far right after starring in a hit movie this summer about child sex trafficking. The loan came from a trust tied to the wife of the party’s executive director, according to party records.

[OCS: And the poor schmucks who thought their small donations were going to be used to help Republicans win state races will see their funds diverted to pay of the loan for the GOP’s event entertainment.  What about the food and drinks, the giveaways, and the other comps?]

For some Michigan Republicans, it was the final straw for a chaotic state party leadership that has been plagued by mounting financial problems, lackluster fund-raising, secretive meetings and persistent infighting. Blame has centered on the fiery chairwoman, Kristina Karamo, who skyrocketed to the top of the state party through a combative brand of election denialism but has failed to make good on her promises for new fund-raising sources and armies of activists.

Why would the Michigan GOP select a polarizing far-right diversity-hire politician to head what is essentially a business that should be specializing in a fundraising/get-out-the-vote effort?

Something stinks…

Michigan GOP chair hired firm of high-profile Republican who nominated her, records show

Weeks after Joe Moss, the conservative chairman of the Ottawa County commission, helped Kristina Karamo become the leader of the Michigan Republican Party, the state GOP paid a business associated with Moss $74,261 for undisclosed services, according to internal party bank records.

Critics said the expenditure paid to the business called For Liberty raised questions about how Karamo was using the Michigan Republican Party's dwindling resources during her tenure as chairwoman, which began in February. The bank documents, obtained by The Detroit News, revealed the party had about $35,000 remaining in its accounts in early August, 14 months before the November presidential election.

Moss, an up-and-coming figure in Republican politics, and a spokesman for the Michigan GOP didn't respond to requests for comment. However, Joel Kallman, who's listed in corporation records with the state as For Liberty's resident agent, confirmed Moss is a partner in the business that has been working with the Michigan GOP. <Source>

Bottom line…

And, once again, the Republicans gear up to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. After the continuing Democrat destruction of Detroit and other Michigan cities under the corrupt Biden Administration and their cadre of progressive communist democrats, one would think that the GOP has a great story to tell. Yet, we see divisive bickering about diving up the spoils of a near-moribund party apparatus.

Why is it that the Democrats operate on a 24/7/365 basis, and the GOP gets animated a few months before a general election—pretty much after Republicans destroy each other in the primary?

We are so screwed when this same scenario is repeated across the nation.


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