The progressive communist democrats are scared shitless that they may lose the Presidency to Donald  Trump and be held accountable for their criminal actions to destroy the United States from within. 

Likewise, Adam Schiff fears losing the cushy position that allowed him to lie, leak, fabricate evidence, and perjure himself. If a post-presidency individual can be held accountable for acts committed while in office and lose his various immunities, think of what that may mean to a lesser elected official.

It is time to kick Schiff’s sorry, lying ass to the curb. But don’t fear; he could use the millions in his war chest to buy another government gig. 

Stephen — A Republican celebrity candidate is surging in the polls for California’s Senate Race.

[OCS: About time!]

Far-right Republican and former Major League Baseball star Steve Garvey could make it onto the ballot for the Senate General Election.

We’re setting an emergency goal of bringing in 10,000 grassroots contributions before midnight to make sure we increase Democratic voter turnout ahead of the Super Tuesday Primary Election on March 5 >>

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:


[OCS: When will the corrupt Biden Administration investigate the millions of dollars in bogus ActBlue contributions?]

Stephen, this scenario is what the California GOP has dreamed of.

They recruited Steve Garvey, a MAGA Republican celebrity and former first baseman for the Padres and Dodgers, with millions of dollars of his own money to spend on this race. He spent decades on national TV.

[OCS: Ignore the continual fundraising and millions of dollars in Adam Schiff’s war chest – not to mention the support from communist-infiltrated unions and organizations.]

California has a jungle primary, meaning voters of all parties vote in the March 5 U.S. Senate primary — and the Super Tuesday presidential primary that could decide the GOP nomination for Donald Trump is happening the same day – on the same ballot.

According to the Sacramento Bee, GOP voter turnout on the day of Adam’s U.S. Senate primary could be 20 points higher than for Democrats.

[OCS: Yeah!]

That means with high Republican turnout, there is a real possibility that Republican Steve Garvey could finish in the top two of Adam’s U.S. Senate Primary and advance to the General Election. If that happens, Adam is the best candidate to beat him.

This could be the most expensive U.S. Senate race in the country — and because Adam isn’t taking a dime of corporate PAC money, he needs your help to hit tonight’s emergency grassroots fundraising goal so we can reach the undecided voters we need to win. Will you rush a contribution of $3 or any amount you can afford today?

In a state of 22 million voters where advertising costs millions of dollars every week, we absolutely cannot fall short of our goals.

Adam has always counted on this grassroots team’s support, and he needs it now more than ever. Thanks for stepping up with whatever support you can give — it means the world to him.

— Team Schiff


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The son-of-a-bitch doesn’t even live in the State he wants to represent…

The 135 East Olive Avenue address is a small condo he used for his District registration. He really lives outside the State.


For more than a decade, California Senate hopeful Rep. Adam Schiff has claimed his primary residence is a 3,420-square-foot home he owns in Maryland, according to a review of mortgage records.

At the same time, Schiff has for years taken a homeowner’s tax exemption on a much smaller 650-square-foot condo he owns in Burbank, California, also claiming that home as his primary residence for a $7,000 reduction off the 1% property tax, amounting to a roughly $70 in annual savings. He did not take an exemption on his home in Maryland.

While Schiff has signed documents asserting both the Maryland property and the significantly smaller Burbank condo as his primary residence, tax records indicate that he paid his California property taxes in 2017 with a check featuring his Maryland address – the only year he paid with a personal check. A review of past comments, pictures shared on his public social media, and records indicate Schiff makes his full-time home in Maryland. <Source: CNN>

Bottom line...

Few progressive communist democrats in Congress are more despicable than Adam Schiff.

We are so screwed when this piece of shit represents us.

-- Steve




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