It appears that the anti-Semitic Hamas-loving Democrats are trying to kneecap Israel… 

From the Holocaust deniers...


The U.S. asked Israel to scale down its war effort

President Biden’s national security adviser urged Israel today to end its large-scale ground and air campaign in the Gaza Strip and transition to a more targeted phase in its war against Hamas, American officials said.

Jake Sullivan, the U.S. national security adviser, did not specify a timetable during his meetings with top Israeli officials. But four American officials said that Biden wanted Israel to switch to more precise tactics in around three weeks or soon thereafter.

[OCS: There should be no doubt that Jake Sullivan is a progressive communist democrat swamp creature, Biden’s United States National Security Advisor, and previously the Director of Policy to President Barack Obama, the National Security Advisor to then Vice President Biden, and Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary Hillary Clinton at the U.S. Department of State. Sullivan was also a senior advisor to Iran nuclear negotiations group, and senior policy advisor to Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.]

The new phase that the Americans envision would involve the use of smaller groups of elite Israeli forces that would move in and out of population centers in Gaza, carrying out more precise missions to find and kill Hamas leaders, rescue hostages and destroy tunnels. But it’s not clear when, or if, Israel would agree to move to lower-intensity fighting. In response to the American advice, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel released a statement saying that “Israel will continue the war until we complete all of its goals.”

[OCS: I have zero sympathy for civilians in Gaza, the majority of whom support Hamas and celebrated the October 7 terrorist attack. Likewise, children who are taught Jew hatred and to play act killing Jews. It is with complete moral clarity I declare that any civilian death is on the hands of Hamas, the continued perpetrator of terrorism and the practice of using civilians as human shields. Any diminution of force would increase the number of IDF casualties.]

The Biden administration has said in recent weeks that it wants to take steps to reduce civilian casualties in Gaza. Life there has been very grim for Palestinians, our Middle East correspondent Raja Abdulrahim told us.

“Some people have told me that they would rather just have a nuclear bomb come and take them all out because the situation has gotten so desperate, and they don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel,” Raja said. “They also feel like the entire world has abandoned them.” <Source>

[OCS: This is what New York Times propaganda looks like! The Gaza government (Hamas) can always surrender and save civilian lives. Where is the discussion of anti-Semitism within the Democrat Party and the moral authority of swamp creatures to dictate Israeli national defense policy?]

Who is driving the bus over the cliff...

Biden Staffers Call For Ceasefire, Hold Vigil Outside WH

President Joe Biden’s staff and appointees held a visual outside of the White House demanding for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

On Wednesday night, more than three dozen people stood outside the White House hiding their faces with scarves and sunglasses to not be identified, and held a sign that read “President Biden, Your Staff Demands A Ceasefire.” [OCS: anti-Semitic terrorist supporters and cowards. They need to be identified and fired as terrorist sympathizers and foreign agents.]

There were also candles on the ground that spelled out “ceasefire.” <Source>

What they report...

"High intensity" phase of Gaza war needs to end within weeks, Sullivan tells Netanyahu

Israel's war in Gaza needs to "transition to the next lower intensity phase in a matter of weeks, not months," White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of the war cabinet in a meeting on Thursday, according to two U.S. and Israeli officials.

Why it matters: The Biden administration has backed the Israeli response to the Oct. 7 attack and says it supports Israel's stated goal of ousting Hamas in Gaza, but the White House is under mounting international and domestic pressure to tell Israel to end the war.

  • The rate of civilian deaths in Gaza is outpacing those of other conflict zones in the 21st century. Mounting casualties have been accompanied by a rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in the enclave. [OCS: Sounds like Obama's "disparate impact bullshit!"]
  • Biden administration officials think that moving to lower-intensity fighting will decrease civilian casualties, allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza and decrease the risk for regional war.
    [OCS: Only a woke asshole would think resupplying the enemy is a humanitarian gesture." Regional war? The real enemy is Iran and the U.S. should encourage anyone who takes out their nuclear capability -- that Obama facilitated!]
  • Biden said he wants Israel to be focused on how to save civilian lives in Gaza. "Not stop going after Hamas, but be more careful," he told reporters during a visit to the National Institutes of Health in Washington on Thursday.
    [OCS: Biden's brain is gone: It's the Obamacons talking!]


White House tells Israel to scale BACK Gaza offensive in 'weeks' - but Netanyahu warns he won't stop until Hamas is 'eliminated'

Netanyahu said the war would continue until Hamas was eliminated. 

'I told our American friends - our heroic fighters have not fallen in vain,' he said, according to a statement from his office.

'From the deep pain of their falling, we are more determined than ever to continue to fight until Hamas is eliminated - until absolute victory.' <Source>

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant...

Gallant to Sullivan: Israel needs more than several months to destroy Hamas 

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told visiting U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Thursday that the war against Hamas in Gaza will continue for several months during discussions held at Defense Ministry Headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Gallant told Sullivan that Hamas “is a terrorist organization that built itself over a decade to fight Israel and built infrastructure under the ground and above the ground, and it is not easy to destroy them. It will require a long period of time; it will last more than several months, but we will win, and we will destroy them [Hamas]. So thank you once again for coming to Israel, for helping us and for supporting us.” <Source>

Bottom line…

United States politicians screwed up Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and now they want to tell Israel how to fight a successful war.

Netanyahu is a world leader, not a corrupt pissant like Biden -- selling his office, ignoring his country's sovereignty, or giving aid and comfort to Iran, which is attacking U.S. forces. 

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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