I am ordinarily pro-life, but I am also not pro-crazy.

It should be your inalienable right to be free from government molestation, especially in matters of health,

Whether the issue is taking an experimental vaccine with as yet unknown side effects or seeking an abortion for a compelling reason, there comes a time when the government does not deserve a say in your life.

Texas Supreme Court temporarily halts order that allowed pregnant woman to have abortion.

The Texas Supreme Court late Friday night temporarily halted a lower-court order allowing a woman who is 20 weeks pregnant to get an abortion — reversing a lower-court ruling that marks the first case of a pregnant woman seeking a court order for the procedure since Roe v. Wade was overturned last year.

The case involves Kate Cox, a 31-year-old mother of two from the Dallas area, who asked the nonprofit Center for Reproductive Rights for legal help in obtaining an emergency abortion in Texas after she learned last week that her fetus had Trisomy 18, also called Edwards syndrome. The genetic condition is one “that cannot sustain life,” as Cox wrote in an op-ed Wednesday in the Dallas Morning News. Almost all such pregnancies end in miscarriage or stillbirth, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Babies who do survive often die prematurely.

Cox’s doctor warned that carrying the pregnancy to term could jeopardize her health and future fertility, including uterine rupture and hysterectomy, according to the lawsuit filed on her behalf.

On Thursday, Travis County District Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, an elected Democrat, granted a temporary restraining order that would allow Cox to have an abortion under the narrow exceptions to the state’s ban. But Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) asked the Supreme Court of Texas to intervene to block Cox from obtaining an abortion. The Texas Supreme Court’s brief order on Friday night did not specify when it would make its final decision, but merely stated that the issues raised “remain pending before the Court.”

Paxton said the Travis County judge’s order would not excuse the hospital or doctor from civil or criminal liability. He warned that the temporary restraining order “will expire long before the statute of limitations for violating Texas’ abortion laws expires.”

Doctors who perform abortions could be sentenced to five or more years in prison in many states. In Texas, they could go to jail for life.  <Source>

Never again tell me that Texas is the land of freedom.

I can understand the usual argument that abortion is not a federal issue and, constitutionally, the issue is controlled by either the state or the individual. By what right does any government entity have the right to jeopardize your health on the political whim of your state government or your neighbors?

I can understand that abortion is a delicate balance of rights and competing interests between the mother and her unborn child. Even if the child has legally recognizable rights, parental judgment should prevail in cases where the child, if carried to term, will have a debilitating or life-threatening issue. And for those who wonder, I consider the product of conception to be a child, no matter the stage of development.

I do not condone abortion as another form of birth control. I do not believe in artificially unrealistic limits on abortion that preclude the procedure before the mother is even aware of her pregnancy.

Now I understand why the Republicans struggle with the issue of abortion while the Democrats exploit their failure to uphold individual freedom.


Since time is of the essence, it is no wonder that Cox had to flee Texas to enforce her rights.

Pregnant Woman Leaves Texas to Obtain Abortion as Court Considers Emergency Request

Center for Reproductive Rights president and CEO Nancy Northup announced Monday that Kate Cox, a 31-year-old woman who is 20 weeks pregnant, fled Texas to “get the time-sensitive abortion care needed to protect her health and future fertility.” Her departure comes after the Texas Supreme Court on Friday evening paused her previously granted request to receive an emergency abortion that her doctors and lawyer argued would save her life. <Source>

What Alamo?

Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Woman Who Requested Approval for Abortion

The Texas Supreme Court overturned a lower court order granting a woman’s request for an abortion hours after she left her home state to seek the procedure elsewhere.

The state supreme court directed the lower court to vacate its order Monday evening, finding that Cox’s legal team had not adequately demonstrated that she met the requirements for a medical exception.

Cox’s doctor “asked a court to pre-authorize the abortion yet she could not, or at least did not, attest to the court that Ms. Cox’s condition poses the risks the exception requires,” the court ruled.

“These laws reflect the policy choice that the Legislature has made, and the courts must respect that choice,” the decision continues. <Source>

Bottom line…

One of my best friends was bipolar and in a great deal of mental anguish as he had numerous medical issues. One day, he took a combination of drugs prescribed by two different doctors. One induced suicidal ideation. The other lowered impulse control. Do I consider my friend a criminal for ending his own life? Hell no! Would I think less of Kate Cox, who appears to be making an informed choice for herself and her unborn child? Again, hell no!

What pisses me off is that both Texas Governor and Attorney General Ken Paxton believe they are demi-Gods capable of Solomonic wisdom when it comes to the health of Kate Cox and her unborn child.

The government can’t pick and choose which inalienable rights they will honor and claim the stand for freedom. 

We must restore our freedoms and remove politics and judicial activism from medical decisions.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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