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We shall know them by their actions...

Everything old is new again, as anti-Israel activists start to recycle old protester tricks that were employed by the BLM.

Remember when the BLM crew was blocking intersections and surrounding cars, then flipping their lids if the cars wanted to get through/not be restrained by them?

There's a video now going viral that captures this being employed by anti-Israel activists in Vancouver. It appears to be an incident from last month, but the video is only getting wide attention now. You can see the video on X/Twitter here. They surrounded the car and even put a bike in front of it to prevent the car from getting through.

But the car manages to wiggle through the cordon that they've set up, as they scream and curse like banshees, "Oh, my God!" and "What the f**k" as though the person is knocking them over when none of them are hit. It does sound like the car might have hit the bike though.

They're the ones standing in the middle of the road. At what point do they realize this is a bad strategy? And it's funny they immediately start yelling at the cop for not protecting them from the car. The woman tells the cop that the driver ran into people when there's no evidence of that.

Why is the cop letting them block the road to begin with? He should be locking them all up for blocking the road. But it's Justin Trudeau's Canada so that probably explains why they were allowed to block the road and weren't cleared out.

These characters pretend that they're the victims when they're the ones disrupting the lives of other people and creating these situations. They also don't seem to give a darn about the Israeli and American victims killed by the Hams terrorists. <Source>

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters march in downtown San Francisco, calling for an end to the Israel-Hamas war...

According to police, the group then moved to Union Square, where “several people began to commit crimes,” ranging from assault to felony vandalism, a spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department said. The department said there was property damage as well. Demonstrators vandalized monuments and holiday decorations. Graffiti was written throughout Union Square but police were able to disperse the crowd. A photo of a protester climbing the Union Square Christmas tree with a sign could be seen on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

Who is behind this pro-terrorist propaganda?

Democratic dark money giant behind anti-Israel protests has scored $81M in taxpayer dollars

An influential liberal dark money group propping up anti-Israel activism across the United States has pocketed massive amounts in taxpayer-backed grants and contracts in recent years, according to a Washington Examiner analysis of federal spending records.

The Tides Center, which funds organizations behind Hamas-sympathetic protests held after the terrorist faction’s deadly Oct. 7 attack against Israel, has long helped shape the progressive agenda with the financial backing of billionaire philanthropists such as Bill Gates and George Soros. But the Democratic-allied charity sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars in assets also retains another key supporter in the federal government, which directly or through subawards steered more than $81.2 million to the Tides Center between 2006 and 2023, documents show.

The U.S. government’s extensive support for the Tides Center is a window into how taxpayer dollars regularly flow to charities closely affiliated with the anti-Israel movement. The Tides Center has faced scrutiny from conservatives for facilitating a dark money pass-through system allowing wealthy Democrats to pour donations into initiatives housed under the nonprofit group, whose projects do not have to file their own tax forms with the IRS. This process, known as fiscal sponsorship, has the effect of obscuring sources for donations to and from the California-based charity.

Pro-Palestinian projects benefiting from the Tides Center’s tax-exempt status, including the Adalah Justice Project, Palestine Legal, and the Catalyst Project, have repeatedly justified and downplayed the Hamas-led Oct. 7 attack — which killed more than 1,200 people in the Jewish state. The Tides Center and its sister group, the Tides Foundation, also have granted millions of dollars combined over the years to Alliance for Global Justice, a charity in Arizona revealed through a Washington Examiner investigation to share ties to Palestinian terrorism, and other entities that have celebrated convicted terrorists from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

“The Tides Center is a clearinghouse for funding far-left causes, including radical anti-Israel’ resistance’ groups that have been spotted on college campuses chanting for the destruction of Israel,” said Benjamin Baird, director of Middle East Forum Action, a watchdog tracking terrorism-tied groups. “It does not need any help from the federal government, which is only subsidizing extremism by bankrolling a Marxist-Islamist piggy bank like Tides.”

Nearly half of the $81.2 million that flowed to the Tides Center was routed through a subcontract or subgrant, meaning the charity received the cash after the federal government first made a prime award to another entity, such as the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, City and County of San Francisco, and universities, the Washington Examiner found. During President Joe Biden’s time in office alone, the Tides Center has been awarded roughly $38.3 million in taxpayer money, either directly or through subawards, records show.

Continue this tale of anti-American, pro-communist, pro-terrorist evil at the Washington Examiner.

More importantly, are these the progressive communist democrat shock troops tuning up for the 2024 street battles before the election?

There is little doubt that Antifa and Black Lives Matter, both violent domestic terror operations, were allied with the progressive communist democrats and their various oligarch supporters and are likely to be mobilized again.

Bottom line...

Look for a “hot” summer as the progressive communist democrats ramp up the street violence before the 2024 nominating conventions. 

We are so screwed when law enforcement refuses to execute their sworn duties to maintain public peace and order.

-- Steve

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