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The Pope has surrendered his moral authority when he pretends to speak about God’s plan for our planet and its inhabitants.


Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin delivers an ailing Pope Francis’ speech at the United Nations COP28 Climate Change Conference…

“Sadly, I am unable to be present with you, as I had greatly desired. Even so, I am with you, because time is short.”

[OCS: Considering that the climate has constantly been changing since the formation of the oceans and atmosphere approximately four billion years ago—a time scale only comprehendible by God. Reconstructions and records show that the Earth has been hotter, and colder, with more carbon dioxide and less carbon dioxide before the industrial revolution. To believe man is capable of altering the awesome powers of nature is to demonstrate hubris beyond all comparison. The true drivers of climate change are the Sun’s energy output in all spectral bands, cosmic rays, the Earth’s position relative to the Sun, the Earth’s precessional and rotational dynamics, plate tectonics and vulcanology, the deep ocean currents, the internal dynamics of the Earth, and the greatest greenhouse gas of all” water vapor. None of which can be altered by man on a global – or even a local scale.]

“I am with you because now more than ever, the future of us all depends on the present that we now choose. I am with you because the destruction of the environment is an offense against God.

[OCS: That the future of all mankind depends on a group of corrupt, self-serving political elites and bureaucrats is absurd. As for offenses against God, one might assume that the Pope would use whatever moral authority he possesses to stop priests from diddling children, speak out and condemn terrorism, and save the lives of countless unborn children by acting against those who promote abortion. No policy, no tax, and no secret plan for world domination, will affect the climate in any measurable way in the next thousand years. Man cannot measure our climate signal amid the natural noise of climate variability, so it is the perfect scam with nobody being held accountable for their crimes against humanity.]

“May this COP prove to be a turning point, demonstrating a clear and tangible political will that can lead to a decisive acceleration of ecological transition.”

[OCS: Like all good Marxists and Communists, the Pope has a Malthusian viewpoint that believes that the Earth’s population will outstrip the Earth’s finite resources. A debunked theory that is used to justify everything from war, pandemics, and abortion. What the elites never mention is the feasibility of an ecological transition and its costly impact on human life. To favor a worthless fish over the water that human’s require for daily living and agricultural needs is folly. Yes, it is all about politics, with the elites enslaving the masses “for their own good.”] 

“May we be attentive to the cry of the Earth, may we hear the plea of the poor, may we be sensitive to the hopes of the young and the dreams of children! We have a grave responsibility: to ensure that they not be denied their future.”

[Given the corruption in today’s politics and church affairs, perhaps the best course of action is to ignore the elites, academics, and experts and return political control to communities.]

The climate, run amok, is crying out to us to halt this illusion of omnipotence. Let us once more recognize our limits, with humility and courage, as the sole path to a life of authentic fulfilment.”

[To believe the Pope can speak for God, nature, or the Earth is pure bullshit! He can guide his flock in their development of a moral life, but beyond that, he is no more informed than the guy at the end of the bar.]

Bottom line…

The Pope needs to stick to interpreting the bible and fighting evil, not interpreting science.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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