Why do Western cultures assume that everybody thinks as they do? Wants what they want? And values what they value? And refuses to listen to our enemies who are not shy about their goals?

More specifically, why do politicians refuse to accept the fact that the goal of intolerant Islam is to kill or enslave infidels? Deceiving themselves to avoid unpleasant truths, to maintain a positive self-image, to generate positive media attention, and to pander to members of their coalition.

Why do fools like Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) ignore the severe costs and risks of supporting terrorist regimes that have been proven to be toxic to America and Americans?



Here is a progressive communist democrat fool who spreads Hamas propaganda, ignoring the fact that Hamas does not care about, and actually welcomes, civilian deaths.

  • Hamas hides terrorists and weapons in private homes, schools, hospitals, and Mosques.

  • Hamas has large stockpiles of food, fuel, and medicine for itself while demanding that it is the duty of the United Nations and the “occupiers” to take care of Gazan civilians.

  • Hamas interdicts humanitarian aid for itself and prevents civilians from seeking shelter away from hostilities.

  • Gazan civilians elected Hamas as their governing body, cheered as Hamas butchered Israelis and many civilians participated in the atrocities directed at Israel.
  • Israel is being held to restrictions that no other country has imposed on its military.

This is not the first time that Van Hollen sided with terrorists... 
In July 2006, Van Hollen urged the Bush administration to support a ceasefire supported by a peacekeeping force that would end the 2006 Lebanon War. He was criticized by elements of the Jewish and pro-Israel community, a large part of his constituency, for criticizing U.S. and Israeli policy in the Lebanon conflict.

Van Hollen has a suspect history...

Van Hollen was born in Karachi, Pakistan, the eldest of three children of American parents, Edith Eliza and Christopher Van Hollen. His father was a Foreign Service officer who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs (1969–1972) and U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives (1972–1976);[7] his mother worked in the Central Intelligence Agency and the State Department, where she served as chief of the intelligence bureau for South Asia. He spent parts of his early life in Pakistan, Turkey, India, and Sri Lanka.

Letter to Biden...

As you prepare to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, we urge that every effort be made to avoid civilian harm and to allow access to humanitarian aid for those in need, including but not limited to:

Restoring access to food, electricity, water, fuel, and medicine for the approximately two million Palestinian civilians living in Gaza, including more than one million children, who are victims themselves of Hamas’ oppressive rule;
Establishing a humanitarian corridor immediately to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza and safe passage for U.S. citizens who seek safety outside Gaza; and
Mitigating the destruction of Palestinian homes in Gaza from which they are being urged to flee so they may return to live when hostilities end, as well as other civilian infrastructure. <Source>

Bottom line...

Fools like Van Hollen make it more difficult for Israel to root out and destroy Hamas terrorists. Likewise, they do nothing as criminals, crazies, and terrorists flood over our open Southern Border. Making America less safe and putting Americans at risk -- Pushing for denying Americans the God-given right to self-defense by advocating for the disarming of law-abiding citizens because a minuscule few abuse firearms.

I don't see Van Hollen calling for Hamas to release the hostages or surrender unconditionally, which would stop some civilian deaths.

The greatest cause of Muslim death in the Middle East is other Muslims.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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