Honoring our troops on Veterans Day …

Today, Veterans Day is dedicated to honoring military veterans, the brave men and women who have served in the armed forces. Understanding the meaning behind Veterans Day is essential to truly appreciate the sacrifices made by these heroes.

Let us come together to honor not only those who have fought in major conflicts but also those who have served in times of peace and to express our gratitude to the men and women who have donned the uniform, demonstrating unwavering dedication to their country.

It is more than a day of remembrance for the fallen; it is a time to reflect on the challenges faced by veterans after returning home, many veterans bearing physical and emotional scars and who struggle each and every day with their afflictions.

Let us also take a moment to consider the families who struggled during a soldier’s deployment, who have lost loved ones, and who fight to provide support each and every day. 

Let us remember that it was our senile Commander-in-Chief and the corrupt, politicized military leadership that gave us a resounding defeat in Afghanistan, leaving Americans and their allies behind as they cut and ran toward a photo-op. A surrender that even surpasses our defeat in Vietnam. What our soldiers won in battle, our politicians negotiated away. It is a bitch when an illegal alien receives more consideration and military benefits than our soldiers. 

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Lest we not forget …

Jane Fonda, American Traitor …

As we go about our daily tasks, let us for a moment consider the service of Senator John McCain, a prisoner of war who suffered terribly at the hands of our enemy while just mere miles away, a far-left liberal, Jane Fonda, laughed and sat on an anti-aircraft gun as she called our American troops “war criminals.”

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Aside from visiting villages, hospitals, schools, and factories, Fonda also posed for pictures in which she was shown applauding North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunners, was photographed peering into the sights of an NVA anti-aircraft artillery launcher, and made ten propagandistic Tokyo Rose-like radio broadcasts in which she denounced American political and military
leaders as “war criminals.” She also spoke with eight American POWs at a carefully arranged “press conference,” POWs whom their North Vietnamese captors had tortured to force them to meet with Fonda, deny they had been tortured, and decry the American war effort. <Source>

And an accounting which is not complete …

For some as yet unexplained reason, John McCain approved legislation that has kept Americans from getting a complete accounting of our MIAs from Vietnam.

The legislation ensured that “… the Defense Department is not obligated to tell the public about prisoners believed alive in captivity and what efforts are being made to rescue them. It only has to notify the White House and the intelligence committees in the Senate and House. The committees are forbidden under law from releasing such information.” For those who wish to read an interesting article on McCain’s efforts to prevent a complete accounting of MIAs, it can be found in “The War Secrets Sen. John McCain Hides: Former POW Fights Public Access To POW/MIA Files.”

Bottom line …

Our nation and each citizen owe an unpayable debt to those who risk life and limb to protect our right to prosper or protest in complete freedom from a totalitarian government.

  • If you see a soldier in uniform, thank them for their service – especially since it is voluntary. If you see a veteran down on his luck, extend a helping hand.

  • Do not let our people and our government forget the sacrifice made by our troops.

  • Do not let those who would denigrate and demean our military go unchallenged.

  • Do not let the media spin a story that is contemptuous of those who protect our freedom without pointing out that it may have been the actions of relatively few individuals involved, and they do not represent the military.

And, no matter what the spin, you are not a private citizen exercising your “free speech rights” when you give aid and comfort to America’s enemies by making propaganda announcements -- you are a traitor.

Most of all, tell those in the far-left who are openly anti-military and anti-America where to step off. <insert strong language message here>

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   -- Steve

P.S. That’s my father in a picture taken in Hawaii on Saturday, December 6, 1941. 

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